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Amaya: The Amazing Amazonian

Local Wonder Woman, Amaya Suriyapperuma, tells all about the journey to self love…

With just one humble costume at 2017’s Asus Lanka Comic Con, Amaya Suriyapperuma went all the way to Hollywood via Twitter. Social media continues to amaze us all, but what’s truly amazing is this young woman’s courage despite the internet’s harmful habits of persecution. Memes were made, Facebook hate pages were created and within hours of her entering the premises, keyboard heroes all over Sri Lanka were trying hard to tear her down. For what reason one might ask? Believe it or not, simply because she attempted to emulate her all-time favourite super hero, DC’s very own Wonder Woman. This kind of cyber bullying happens on a daily basis and tends to go unnoticed but Amaya was lucky to be backed by the raging local geek community and a swarm of supportive friends. These forces combined to use the very weapon that was used to take her down, social media, now to bring her right back up. They managed to get the message all the way across the globe to the creator of the Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins who then took it farther to the actress that portrayed the character in the movie, Gal Gadot. Both these women took to Twitter to show their praise and appreciation of Amaya’s cosplay. Within no time, the pages were taken down, the memes stopped circulating and Amaya Suriyapperuma became the Wonder Woman all young Lankan women could look up to for the A-Z on self-love!


When asked about how she felt after all the hate thrown at her through the internet, here’s what she had to say….


“I think social media and body positivity go hand in hand. Yes, because of social media there’s so much negativity going around with regard to the way we look and dress. However at the same time I believe that social media can be used to uplift body positivity as well. I would say my cosplay incident is actually a very good example of this. A bunch of people who did not even know my name decided to sit behind their screens and make fun of my portrayal of Wonder Woman. Due to the fact that this harassment was done so publicly on social media, my friends rushed to my aid shut down all the negativity that was going around. Their positive vibes created such an impact that it rippled all the way to Hollywood and Hollywood went on to use social media to appreciate and support our depiction of their creation. There’s nothing inherently negative about social media, it all depends on how we use it. I, for one, honestly believe that social media can be used for the greater good of vocalizing issues and creating awareness.”

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