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No More Fashion Dilemmas

Cosmo SL has got the answers

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Your burning style questions for September all answered!

Q: I love red dresses but I don’t get to wear them regularly. Are there any ways to pull it off as office attire without looking too dressy?

A:  We love red, and just because it’s ideal for date night and other special occasions, doesn’t mean it won’t work for the office. What we often completely forget is that crimson stands out in a classy and alluring way. Besides, which aunty said that you can’t look extraordinary at office? (Don’t listen to them if they did!)

If you still want to tone it down, then try styling your red dress like this:

Pair it with a jacket or blazer — Neutral shades like black, blue or dark beige will work best, instead of brightly coloured jackets like white. After all, we don’t want you to give off vacation vibes while you’re at work.

Toss it inside a skirt — This will not only be very flattering, but will also open up new ways to use all your boring skirts. You can also try teaming it with a leather skirt to get the entire office on fire! (We’re certain everyone’s reaction to this will be legit compared to the response to the fake fire drill in season 2 of The Office.)

Q: Every now and then, my office tends to schedule serious formal meetings on casual Fridays. How can I pull off a super formal look in seconds if this happens again?

A: They don’t understand. Do they? The answer to this is having an emergency drawer that can transform your look from super casual to profesh in a matter of seconds. Read below for a couple of tips to battle your Friday crisis!

Neutralize it with a blazer —  Keep an eye on the colour of the blazer as you don’t want to end up looking like the office clown by wearing an orange blazer on top of a bright green top!

Werk it with the right heels —  It never feels good to walk into a fancy meeting wearing sandals or sneakers. Whether you like it or not, heels can change the game of your entire look. Even with a casual tee and jeans, a pair of stilettos will add a lot of class.

Stash a midi skirt —  This can help you survive distressed jeans or other bottoms that don’t work for your weekly meeting. Just make sure it’s form-fitting, so it pairs well with either a flowy blouse or fitted top.

Q: I rely on a pair of jeans and a chic top as I don’t have time to dress up. Any go-to quick ways to style my casual/comfortable look?

A:  A bold lipstick will never fail to make you look glamorous even on your I-look-like-a-hobo days. Apart from this, wearing a statement necklace and a cool jacket that can serve as an easy cover up!

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This article was originally published as ‘Style Q & A’ in the September 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more style advice, grab a copy of our latest magazine.

















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