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The Greying Anatomy

Why so many greys at this age?

We all experience that moment when either we ourselves or someone else points out our first grey hair. For some this is just another basic development that comes with time spent on Planet Earth, whilst for others it really is a matter of major concern. Premature greying is a real problem affecting several young women and men. Unless you’re keen on auditioning for the role of Storm in the next X-Men movie, premature greying is something that could really affect your self-esteem, confidence and sense of beauty. So many unanswered questions arise as we analyse our greying anatomy, so let’s break it down…


Our hair gets its colour from a particular pigment that creates the colour in our hair and so colour is not an integral element of the hair itself. Hair follicles contain pigmentation cells called melanin. This melanin is responsible for giving hair its natural colour. The higher the melanin content, the darker the hair and vice versa. Hair starts going grey when these hair follicles stop producing melanin. The intensity of the colour decreases and eventually all colour is lost to the point where the turns completely white.


Generally, the average Asian is expected to start going grey once they hit their late 30s. However, trends have changed drastically over the past two decades or so. Lifestyle changes and environmental causes have all teamed up to result in greys even growing on teenagers’ scalps. Taking these facts into consideration, it’s no longer a big deal really if you’re spotting silver strands all over your head as a woman in your 20s.


Whilst the jury is still out on whether or not stress actually does play a role in stimulating premature greying, there are several other causes that come into play.

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