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The RAW Cleanse

Join Team Cosmo for the lowdown on juice cleanses and detoxing!

People have been utilizing natural resources like fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables to cleanse and detoxify the human anatomy for health and even religious reasons for centuries now. Followed in both the East as well as the West, these cultures use various combinations of organic ingredients with purifying properties to rid the body of harmful chemicals and toxins that may enter the system through food consumption as well as the atmosphere and environment.


The World Health Organization in its country profile of Sri Lanka has stated that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) account for approximately 75% of total deaths in Sri Lanka. NCDs include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes, chronic respiratory diseases as well as cancers. This number in itself goes to show how unhealthy of a lifestyle the average Sri Lankan leads. From kiribath and roast paan breakfasts to big plates of rice and curry for lunch followed by dinner with hoppers, string hoppers, or pittu on the table, Sri Lankan food isn’t really known to be a healthy cuisine per se. With a lack of acceptable modes of public transport coupled with the tropical island weather, it’s not like a walk home from the bus stop is likely to happen either. Instead, us Lankan gals will always opt for a tuk, cab or just drive ourselves from point A to B.


With barely any exercise and not-so-healthy diets, it’s no wonder we’re constantly complaining about how tired we are and how much we’re bulging out from all angles. This is where the need for a good system reset begins. RAW Organic Juice has put together a bunch of detox and cleanse plans that you can now take part in. Founder of RAW, Ronali Perera, has curated several concoctions of organic ingredients and tailor-made an entire range of juices. “Most NCDs can be prevented by lifestyle changes. For example eating at least 400g of organic fruits, veggies and leafy greens a day,” explains Ronali. You can opt to start off with a simple one day cleanse or even go up to seven days. When asked who she’d recommend cleansing to, Ronali answered, “absolutely everyone and anyone. Especially if you experience feeling bloated, lethargic, tired, get colds and coughs frequently, experience a lot of weight gain, sugar cravings or have fallen into a habit of unhealthy food choices then this is a perfect reset for you.”


Grab your copy of our September 2018 issue to find out how Team Cosmo did on their two day cleanse!


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