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10 Morning Mantras Girls Say To Be Better! 

Hit the ground running

The first hour of the morning is the most important hour of the day. Not only is it a great time to complete chores before you head to work, but it’s also a time for a few minutes of quiet, self-reflection and self-love.

Want to up your game in the AM? Here are a few morning mantras we strongly suggest incorporating into your routine.

Morning mantras
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I won’t touch my phone till the first hour’s over.

This morning hack is the perfect detox to begin your day on a good note, not scrolling through a digital device full of demands. As your eyes open, focus on just yourself before taking on anything else. We often disregard solitude with the constant demands in our lives, but it is the most necessary, and soul-feeding time to dedicate to yourself. As unimaginable as it is, and as much as it will require patience and persistence, this morning mantra, if made consistent, will sharpen your focus in the morning and allow you to put yourself first! We gotcha boo!

I will drink a glass of water!

It’s super easy to miss out on this hack with all your things-to-do each morning. But, from a metabolism surge to a digestion helping-hand to a detoxification of all food acids, one gulp can avoid a substantial chunk of stress that may bombard you in the future. Your glass of water can be as basic as ever, or it can be lukewarm, with a touch of apple cider vinegar. It’s ideal for a quick cleanse and foster body-balance.

I will stretch for 5 Minutes in bed.

Your muscles will thank you for it! If you set your alarm clock for 8:30 AM, instead of 9 AM, your body will reward you for it in your near-future. Not only is it a refreshing breathing exercise, but stretching loosens your muscles before you spring out of bed. A few basic stretches will enhance your flexibility and enable more free movements during the day. 

I will play my morning playlist!

Music has a huge impact on your day. The songs that fill your ears in the morning have the power to unleash your spirit, and set you up for an energy-filled day! Whether it’s Meghan Trainor with Me Too or John Mayer with Gravity, your song choice will help you get into the groove, and give you the right adrenaline rush you need! 

I will run my agenda!

Surprisingly, writing out your to-do list for the day increases the pace of your tasks. We’ve heard that simply sparing 5 minutes of your morning on your desk, with a cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt a bit. A small post-it note or a simple piece of paper will do. Not only are you more focused as you begin your day, but you tend to tick your list off faster when you have it in front of you and in chronological order! These 5 minutes will sharpen your organizational skills, lead to a fulfilling and productive day and assist you with time management.

The following morning mantras will shape your mindset for the day. You see, verbally announcing these to yourself every morning will have a psychologically lasting motivational effect on your entire day. 

morning mantras
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‘Who am I doing this for?’ 

Whether your daily tasks are for yourself or for someone else, it’s inspiration—It’s a reinforcement of your intention. A dose of influence and awareness go a long way! 

‘Make the most of today!’ 

Regardless of whether your tasks are for a short-term or long-term goal, ensure that your day is filled with purpose. If not, ensure that you’re happy: if this was your last day on earth, would you be content when it’s over? Would you have seized it for yourself and for loved ones? 

‘I’m me!’ 

There’s a distinction between aspiration and an unhealthy comparison. One is motivational and a driving force, whilst the other devalues the qualities that mould your identity. It’s important to acknowledge your uniqueness, and originality and to be comfortable with the person you are before aspiring to be like your role model. This morning mantra will encourage you to embrace your identity, whilst aiming to be a better version of yourself! 

‘I can do it!’ 

Your motivation stems from yourself. As helpful as external incentive is, the belief to accomplish your goals should stem from you and should be empowered by your primary voice. This will help you trust yourself.

‘Each step makes a difference’ 

No goal is accomplished in a day. It’s normal to lose patience, and doubt your desired success. However, knowing you, you have a plan! Whether it’s a 2 or 5-year plan, each task contributes to the final goal. This morning mantra will sustain the hope, faith and patience you have, so don’t forget to say it! Remember, you are your own propeller! 

Now go conquer all!


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