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7 Things All Sri Lankan Girls Do

Admit it!

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You’ve done it. I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. There’s no denying the countless things we’ve done as Lankan ladies. Here’s a roundup of some of our faves!

1) Following some weird beauty trick that probably doesn’t work 

The internet makes us do a lot of things and despite whether or not they work, we  continue to follow them just to feel like a beauty guru. 

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2) Screenshotting stupid things people say and sending them to your group chat

I mean it isn’t my fault people say some really dumb things and is it terrible to want my friends to have a laugh?

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3) Not washing your bras as much as you should

I’m sure there’s a certain limit to how often you should wear a bra before throwing it in the wash, but who is going to stop me from wearing my favourite bra for a week straight? That’s right. No one.

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4) Not washing your makeup brushes

It’s honestly just a lot of work.

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5) Not wanting to eat curry with your hands

I swear I didn’t wear two different nail polish colours, it’s just the dhal.

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6) Sticking hair on the shower wall in patterns 

Just trying not to clog the drains all while being an abstract artist. NBD.

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7) Not telling your parents who you’re actually going out with

There are times when a little lie is better than the 50 questions which will follow if you tell them the truth.

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