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7 Tips Before You Jump the Piercing Gun!

Your guide to becoming a pro!

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The idea of getting a piercing in goodness-knows-where when you’re drunk AF is not the best way to go about this. It’s just like getting a tattoo, except riskier! So, bag your know-how on the subject.


A fair amount of research on where you want the piercing, what type of piercing you want, who the best technicians are in town, what the side effects may be, and what aftermath to expect are some questions you should be seeking answers for, stat.

If you have diabetes or other health problems that weaken your immune system, you should be cautious because the risk of infection is higher.


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If the piercing salon gives off dodgy vibes, walk out! Seriously! An improper piercing would lead to permanent scarring and cysts. You have to be able to trust the person piercing a hole in your body. Therefore, make sure you go to a certified piercing salon. Ask questions before anything and make sure that the salon is clean, they have an autoclave (sterilizer), the needles are used only one time, and that staff uses a new pair of latex gloves per client.


By the time you arrive at the salon, you should be well-hydrated with plenty of water (avoid soft drinks and soda). Don’t get your piercing if you’re stressed, sleep deprived or had coffee or an energy drink beforehand. The latter will thin your blood making it difficult for you to sit still. Also, eat well before you go.


Adrian Castillo, body piercing artist of New York Adorned says, “Any professional piercer who suggests a gun is probably not a professional piercer.” He explains that guns will not make a clean hole, and, instead will break the skin leaving the customer scarred and in pain. It is best to be mindful of this especially with piercings in the cartilage areas such as the nose and upper ear.

Needles are better because they won’t be as painful as a gun and they can also be easily replaced with less cost and more safety than the piercing gun. Even with an autoclave it won’t be properly sterilized due to the plastic parts on them.


You may yet have to discover that you are allergic to some types of metal. Therefore, always choose a non-allergenic metal such as gold, niobium, titanium or platinum. Making the appropriate choice will save you a world of trouble!


Clean ice would do the trick when it comes to swelling. Pain is relative from one person to another. The majority of the pain will go away quickly even though the pierced area will probably be sore for a few days. The swelling and redness should decrease after the first two days. Therefore, if the pain increases make sure you get it checked.

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Wash it with soap and water or saline solution, as opposed to the myth of not washing it at all. The idea is to keep the wound clean. Don’t use antibiotic ointments, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on the area (unless the technician clearly indicates so), and be sure to not touch it in any way. Definitely, don’t sleep on it!

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