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How To Spice Up Your Outfit

From basic to chic

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Small rings, big rings, all the rings!

These are such a great way to make an outfit go from boring to interesting, and what’s more, they’re super easy to mix and match. So, whichever you may prefer­—larger statement rings with bigger gems or the subtle, delicate bands—stack them on to complete your outfit.

Bold Lips

 Add an extra edge to your outfit by applying a bold lip colour. Different shades of red usually do the trick and will match most outfits. So, apply your desired bold lippie and walk with confidence knowing you’re looking like absolute fire.

Hoop earrings

 I’ll admit, hoop earrings aren’t my favourite accessory as I constantly get my hair stuck around them, but I find myself reaching for them all the time in order to glam up my outfit. Also, hoops come in various sizes, so pick one depending on your mood.

Tuck your shirt in

 This is another great trick to take an outfit from plain to chic. Whether you’re wearing jeans, shorts or a skirt, tucking a shirt into it can completely change the outfit (for the better). Further, adding a belt will go the extra distance.

 Add some colour

 If your outfit is leaning towards basic colours (i.e. blacks, whites or greys), try adding some colour with a bright handbag, shoes, or necklace. You’ll be sure to have that extra pop.


Stylish and convenient. Watches are a simple way to complete your look without trying too hard, plus you won’t have to grab your phone every time you need the time! #Winning.

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