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Received An Absurd Gift? Here’s What To Do

Everyone wants a good pressie!

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Everybody loves a good gift; more so on your big day. Although, the bride and groom will probably be exhausted by the end of the wedding and would’ve completely forgotten about the gifts. In my case, the goal was to get out of my saree as fast as possible and go to bed. No, nothing kinky. I just needed sleep.

Whether you have a registry or mentioned “no boxed gifts” on the invitation, chances are you will get items not listed or non-cash related. *Heavy sigh* Now, this doesn’t always mean the gifts are bad – they could actually prove to be quite useful. On the other hand, you might be left with duplicates or utterly purposeless nonsense. So, what’s a girl to do? Think re-sell. Here are a few options:

LOCAL WEBSITES and are probably two of the best place to make a few bucks on your items. Just take some good photos of the products you want to sell and post them online. Watch the calls come in!

Sell: Furniture, electronics, home goods.
Bonus: Your name won’t appear unless you specify so you have some anonymity.


Facebook is a goldmine of groups and pages that buy and sell a variety of products. Head to either EPFS Community Sri Lanka or Colombo Marketplace. Make a post with the items you’re reselling, along with the photos and a 10% pledge to charity (applicable only to the EPFS Community group). The downside: The gift-giver might see your post and find it hurtful.

 Work around this by Asking a friend or family member to make the post on behalf of you, or create an alternate FB profile under a pseudonym. However, FB might flag you as spam, so watch out.

Sell: Furniture, electronics, home goods.


Create an album on Instagram or Facebook with the hell-nos you want to sell. To avoid anyone getting hurt, either limit the album to specific groups of friends or ensure none of the gift-givers are on your social platforms.


Check out local libraries, churches, schools, or even the Salvation Army to see if you can donate anything they need. You’ll get to help people in need and get rid of the gifts you don’t need!

Photo-taking tip:

Good pictures are key, so opt for natural lighting. Place items near a window during the day and take your photo. You don’t need a fancy camera, obvs! Your phone will work great. Also, make sure you specify the items are brand-new and unused!


This article was originally published as ‘Received An Absurd Gift? Here’s What To Do’ in the May 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more, grab a copy of our latest magazine.

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