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Meditation Hacks For The Busy Lankan Girl

Train that monkey mind!

Ever felt yourself losing focus and constantly reaching for your phone for random scrolls through the internet? Or is adult life stressing you out? Then a few minutes of meditation to slow life down and give your mind and body some chill might just be the answer. These meditation tips from Jessyca Canizales, (from yoga instructor and yoga teacher trainer will be just perfect for you!


Okay, how do I actually meditate?

We’ve all had this idea that meditating is just sitting still in one place and emptying your mind, and that’s often what kept us away from actually trying it. Because let’s face it, trying to not think anything and rein our minds in seems impossible and Jessyca agrees. “It’s about practicing and trying new styles of mindfulness until you find one or two methods that works for you.” According to her, there are two main categories of meditation types—active and inactive.

Choose One That Fits You!

Inactive meditating methods include activities like counting backwards, repeating a mantra, doing a body scan (you have to visualize you’re going through a MRI or CAT scan) and just check in on your body from head to toe. On the other hand, active meditations are doing just one or two simple movements repetitively and ritualistically. Anything from walking to oil pulling to eating (yup, you read that right!) can be meditative.


A n00b to this training your mind business? Take the expert, Jessyca Canizales’s tips and get started, pronto!

Pick A Good Time

Jessyca recommends two times in the day to meditate. She says first thing in the morning or right after a good workout is the best time to channel your zen.

Get Comfy

No, you don’t have to be in any particular clothing to get into meditation. You just need to be comfortable.

No Munchies

Keep your meals to at least two hours before your meditation sesh to keep the drowsiness at bay.

Good Posture

Sit up, keep your back straight and avoid slouching. But don’t forget rule #2, stay comfy!

All About Those Goals

Set an intention before you begin. Even if it’s to just sit there for 10 minutes or something as simple as not being judgmental about yourself within those few minutes.

Pat Yourself On The Back

Once you’re done, acknowledge the fact that you actually completed this task. Encourage and appreciate yourself.

Write It Down

Keeping a journal helps too. Jot down what you did, the duration and your response towards it. This helps you filter out your likes and dislikes and document your improvements.


This article was originally published as ‘Training Your Monkey Mind‘ in the February 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more health and fitness tips, grab a copy of our latest issue.

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