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Fashion vs Heat

A guide to surviving our island weather !

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                We may have already entered a rather rainy season, but the temperatures haven’t stopped soaring all throughout the day! With that thought in mind, people tend to dress like they’re always off to the beach and that may not be very practical. So, here are a few tips to help you beat the heat and be stylish at the same time.

Choosing a lightweight and/or breathable fabric

                This one is pretty much a well-known fact. The go-to fabrics, for warm weathers, are made from natural materials such as cotton or linen. These natural fibres are good at absorbing moisture allowing the body to breathe more easily. But, watch out, because not all lightweight fabrics, like silk, are breathable.

Covering yourself

                Universally, minimum clothing is the style of choice for summer-like climates. If you’re planning on being exposed to the sun for a very long time, consider covering as much skin as you can! Areas like Colombo generally don’t have a lot of shade, so just a short walk could give you a lot of sun exposure at once, which is really harmful. So in this case, long-sleeve shirts or even maxi dresses would be ideal!

Light colours

                Let’s recall some basic physics principles: Dark colours absorb more light, while light colours reflect light. Naturally, the wiser choice would be to wears colours if you want to avoid warmth. This is also a reason why summer collections tend to be so colourful. So, let go of the black clothes and rock some vibrant shades!

Chinos over jeans

                Once again, one of the major advantages of chinos is the weight of the material. It’s way lighter than a pair of jeans. But, that’s not all! Chinos can come in different colours and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Besides, they sit well on most body types while providing comfort.

Loose clothes

                Give your skin some room to breathe! And, frankly, who doesn’t love an oversized tee or a flowy skirt? Avoid wearing garments that cling to your body because the heat will make it really uncomfortable for you to wear. Instead, opt for wider clothes.

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                If you have more tips you’d like to share with the Cosmo fam¸ drop a comment below!


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