11 Things You Didn't Know About Christina Peiris - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Christina Peiris

Blogger, Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2018, and cat-mom dishes all the deets in Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka's April 2018 issue!

1. Despite being a food blogger, Christina does have a favourite food – and it’s pizza!


2. She divides her time between Abu Dhabi and Colombo but feels like Sri Lanka is the only place that truly feels like home. 3. Her #WCW is Ellen Degeneres!


4. Christina has got her own clothing brand, X.TINA, featuring a lot of minimalist silhouettes and monochromes. You can shop it online! 5. Contrary to popular belief, she’s not a model, and will usually only work as a brand ambassador. 6. Christina is firm about only endorsing brands (especially make-up brands) that are cruelty-free and free of animal testing! 7. Christina didn’t actually eat the amazing double decker burger in our shoot at the Shangri-La’s Capital Bar & Grill – she’s a total pescatarian and doesn’t eat meat!


8. She’s got a bunch of animals that she absolutely adores, from Bubba and Lola the dogs to her cats (that she mentioned whilst on stage at Miss Universe this year!). 9. Her all-time TV binge is F.R.I.E.N.D.S (and we totally relate)


10. She met her boyfriend, Nayan, almost 6 years ago! You’ll catch glimpses of him on her stories but she tells us he’s the one who usually takes her Instagram photos. 11. They watch The Bachelor AND Gossip Girl together. Talk about #goals! 


  Grab a copy of the April 2018 Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka for the full story! 

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