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7 Weird Ways Your Body Is Telling You It’s Not Getting Enough Nutrients

Listen to your body.

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Our bodies are pretty amazing, especially given all the junk food, lack of exercise and body-shaming we inflict on it.

While it’s pretty obvious to see the effects of some of the stuff we put our bodies through (like one of those hangovers where you throw up the whole of the next day), some signs are less easy to spot. Here are seven signs to look out for that aren’t normal but are actually your body’s way of saying ‘HELP ME’:

1. Being Pale In Certain Areas

Check the inside of your eyelids and your mucous membranes (like the inside of your mouth) for paleness. These areas should be a healthy pink – anything paler and you need to increase your intake of iron. This is easy for meat-eaters – just bite into a delicious steak, something you won’t need us telling you to do twice. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, dish up extra portions of soya, lentils and nuts.

2. Dry Skin

If you use all the hyper-moisturising products you can get your hands on but still find your skin flaky and dry there could be more than genetics to blame. Try eating more food with omega-3s in them, like salmon, flaxseed and walnuts, or get an omega-3 supplement. Omega-3s are crucial in maintaining the oil levels of your skin, so if your diet is lacking in them your skin is going to suffer.

3. Grey Hairs

Premature greying isn’t necessarily just because you’re feeling stressed AF. Going grey earlier than your parents did could be due to a lack of vitamin D or low copper levels. Rectify it by getting more vitamin D in your life (found in dairy products) and eating more shellfish, whole-grains and beans for copper.

4. Weak Nails

If your nails are always breaking, even after you swore off the gel polish, it’s possible you need more biotin in your life. Take a supplement and/or add more eggs and nuts to your diet. An increase in biotin will nourish and strengthen your nail plates, allowing them to grow about 25% thicker.

5. Cuts And Sores That Don’t Heal

If you’re not quite a haemophilliac but you have noticed that when you cut yourself it takes much longer to heal, you are probably lacking in protein and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps speed up wound healing and protein is essential for creating new tissue. Meat and beans contain plenty of protein and you know where to get your vitamin C from (it’s oranges, duh).

6. Bleeding Gums

No, you shouldn’t see blood every time you brush your teeth. This is a sign you need to listen to your dentist and become a more dedicated flosser. If you are one of those people who actually *does* floss twice a day and you’re still seeing blood, it’s probably because you need more Vitamin K. It’s a rare deficiency, but is definitely worth getting checked out by your dentist or doctor.

7. Forgetfulness

One of the symptoms of a low vitamin B12 count is memory loss. This can be so severe that many people assume it’s Alzheimer’s. While you can increase your vitamin B12 through your diet, if your count is particularly low you should go for bimonthly injections.

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