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First Time Job-Hunting? This Local Guide Will Help You Find The Right Fit

All you need is a proper plan and set it in motion.

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Entering the career world is daunting for anyone who’s just starting out. Even seasoned employees face their own challenges when they hunt for better opportunities. Whether you’re a school leaver, fresh out of college or simply looking for a source of income while studying, a job has multiple benefits. However, it need not be a scary process as long as you’re armed with the right tips to help you nail a job that suits you. Let’s get started!

Make A Kick*$$ CV /Resume/Portfolio

The very first thing you need to do is create an awesome CV that will blow the socks off any employer. You have free rein to design it any way you like, depending on the kind of job you’re looking for. If your interest lies in the creative field, then make it look as unique and interesting as possible using colours, icons and images. Corporate sectors prefer a more professional resume, but don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to show a bit of your personality. Don’t make it boring and like everyone else’s (Google’s a great place for inspo!). Also, the shorter and sweeter your CV is, the better your chances are of being called in for an interview. Summarize all the necessary fields and don’t send a 4-page document. No one has the time to go through all your achievements. Anyone who picks up your resume should be able to get an idea of your abilities at a glance. It also helps to make a separate portfolio of the things you’ve done, which may give you an added advantage in the role you’re looking for.

Tip: One page CVs work really well! If you’d like to, include a nice picture of yourself (no pouty faces or rad expressions!). The point to remember is that your CV should have the ability to stand out in a sea of applications.  

Write A Stellar Covering Letter

This is a no-brainer, really, in this modern, fast-paced world. It’s vital to have a good covering letter despite your mode of application – post or e-mail. This will be your chance to introduce yourself with a short description of your skills and interests. Be polite and friendly, but stay away from sounding arrogant. Chances are you’ll put off potential employers as most of them judge you based on your covering letter. So take your time and pen an effective intro that’ll give a favourable first impression, based on your words alone.

Tip: Never send an e-mail with just the CV attached. Imagine how you’d feel if you received a blank one with just an attachment. Annoying, right?

Narrow Down Your Interests

It’s okay to start from the bottom and be open to doing any kind of work. After all, in the beginning, many people have no idea about what they’d like to do, and what they’ll be good at. Do a lot of research, talk to friends and family and apply for multiple roles. Based on your lifestyle, you’ll need to decide what type of employment suits you – full-time, part-time, on a shift basis or freelance.

Get Registered On Employment Sites

Websites like allow you to create a profile with your details and CV. You’ll be contacted if an opening comes up under your selected category. So get clicking!

Use The Power Of Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, and occasionally, Twitter are great platforms to look for job opportunities. As Millennials, we’re constantly on our phones. That’s why most companies post vacancies on their social media accounts/pages. It also makes the application process shorter and much quicker, and who doesn’t love getting something done with just a few taps? It’s win-win for both sides!

Take Risks During Interviews

We’d love it if there was a rulebook on how to ace an interview. Sadly, you’ll discover that most of the time, it’s going to be trial and error. It’s okay to mess up at an interview because you don’t know the interviewers and they don’t know you. Try to go for as many interviews as possible. This way, you’ll have valuable experience and you’ll be better prepared for the next one. Be straightforward and honest with your answers and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need further clarification.

Tip: There are cardinal rules that must never be broken so ask around for these golden nuggets before heading to that interview.  

Get Expert Advice

Ask questions from people working in the same industry or companies you want to join. It’s okay to enter the wild alone, but some expert advice won’t hurt. In fact, it’ll help you more than you’d expect, especially since you’ll be tapping into a wealth of useful experience. Use your contacts wisely because they’ll know other people who can help you find the right job or at the least make the road easier for you.

Tip: Check out your school’s Past Pupils Associations or College Alumni!

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