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3 Remedies For Migraines That Actually Work

Bye, bye, agony!

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Many of us ladies have suffered from a really bad migraine attack. When the throbbing in your head makes you forget about everything except for the severe pain, that’s when things get sticky. Even though medications can help ease some of the pain, it’s always better to try natural methods instead.

Here are some simple tried and tested remedies by our readers that are worth checking out. They’re so easy you’ll wonder why you never thought of them before!

Ice, Ice, Baby

“So many sites suggested ice as a way to get rid of migraine, so I thought, why not try it out? I couldn’t find an ice pack, so the next best option was ice cubes from my fridge. I wrapped them in a soft cloth and pressed them down on my entire forehead, moving the compress from end to end. After about 10 minutes of doing this, I realized that my pain had just vanished. Now I make sure to keep my ice cube tray stocked all the time! Just remember to avoid bright lights and loud noises during your wind down time. No blaring radio or TV, and stay away from using headsets.” – Sureni, 22

Heat It Up

“Heat therapy works wonders for many aches and pains. So the first time I was hit by a nasty migraine (I didn’t know what it was at the time), that’s what I immediately turned to. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t even open my eyes. I’m not a fan of hot packs. Like my mother, I go for the old-fashioned treatment – a cloth dipped in hot water. My mum was nice enough to treat me and it wasn’t long before my headache reduced. I was so glad when I could look around without the throbbing around my eyes. So, definitely try heat, ladies! You’ll recover in no time. You might want to have a very light meal afterwards. Nothing greasy or you might face another attack triggered by certain foods.” – Aisha, 26

How Do You Sleep

“I’ve been having migraines for years now. So I’ve kinda become an expert on detecting symptoms early on. Whenever I feel a headache coming on, I switch off my phone, go home and sleep it off. I’ve tried different remedies but nothing worked. Even the doctor’s prescriptions didn’t help. Sleeping was the only method that guaranteed me some sort of respite. I suggest keeping your colleagues and family informed about your situation, and making sure they understand your condition. That way, you’ll be able to recover faster and with less interruptions. Even if the hurt keeps you awake, close your eyes tight, put a pillow over your head if you must, and force yourself to sleep. It’s worth it, I tell ya!” – Hana, 30

Do you have any remedies to share? We’d love to know!

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