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Lankan Ladies Reveal What They Think About Open Plan Offices

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Many creative agencies and modern companies nowadays have done away with the old-fashioned cubicle system and embraced open plan workstations. This new form of office décor has its share of pros and cons, especially if people have been accustomed to having their own space. However, the truth is more and more Sri Lankan employers are open to change in work environments. Many private sector offices such as advertising firms, media units and software companies have taken the initiative to introduce this type of workplace arrangement.

Here’s what some of our Cosmo girls had to share on this subject and their workstation preferences.

“I love open areas! I’d seen pictures of open plan offices in other countries and wondered if I’d have the chance to work in one of them. Luckily enough, my new workplace is a dream come true. As we’re an advertising agency, it’s quite easy to brainstorm with the creative team. Plus, it’s simpler to help each other when we’re stuck with a project. So I’m most certainly not complaining!” – Shanaya, 24

“As an introvert I struggle a lot with my open workstation. You can’t deny that it has its benefits especially since I work in a radio station where a constant exchange of ideas is a must. Staying up-to-date on current events is crucial and we have to communicate news ASAP. But every once in a while, I’d really love to have a quiet corner for myself to focus on my tasks. It can get really noisy, even with headsets on, and I tend to be forced to join the after-hours antics of my fellow colleagues. So, all-in-all, I’m most definitely not a fan.” – Purnima, 21

“When I first started out in the admin department, I was given a desk of my own. There were two other people who were seated in the same area as me, but with their own tables. Just as I’d gotten used to my space, my boss decided to completely abolish this arrangement. We barely had any warning that our tables would be replaced by open workstations. Now I have to share my space with the others and to tell you the truth, it’s extremely unpleasant. For one, they eat in their seat and the smell of food drives me nuts when I’m trying to concentrate on my work. When I’m answering official calls, they disregard me and carry on with their own conversations really loudly. I’ve tried asking them nicely but nothing works. So now I’m stuck in this situation and I blame the open plan office idea.” – Karthika, 27

How many of you work in this new form of office arrangement? Leave us a comment!

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