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What Should You Wear On Your Next Tinder Date?

No matter how the evening goes, you'll at least love what you're wearing.

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Now, if the D-word scares you (no, not that D), we get it: Between stressing over whether or not you should actually go out with a total stranger and, even more daunting, picking out an outfit versus the idea of couch-surfing at home in your PJs, the latter can start to sound waaaaay more appealing.

Expectation: You show up for date-night and look hot as all hell (without putting in any effort, ofc). Reality: You spent hours grooming pesky strays and turning your bedroom floor into a mini war zone.

Underneath all that pre-date-night excitement is one anxiety-inducing thought: What am I going to wear?!

Fortunately, nailing that whole sexy-without-trying look is actually pretty effortless, as long as you stick to a few basic guidelines: Don’t overthink it; put your best features on display (not all at once, naturally); when in doubt, slip into a sexy pair of heels. 

Try these easy, charming, and sexy date-night outfit suggestions and you’ll end up scoring all the double-taps.

Little Black Dress

Pamod Nilru
Splash, Rs. 1,450

There’s nothing wrong with taking the traditional route for date night when it’s your killer LBD. For the days when you hate everything in your closet, look no further than this (sure-to-be-staple) black dress. Complete the look with a pair of nude heels and sex-bomb hair –  Boom! You’re good to go.


Pamod Nilru
1.O.A.K, Rs. 1,900

If a fancy dinner or night on the town is on the agenda, play up a “going out” look by pairing this bodysuit with your favourite jeans, black mules and a classy bucket bag. To make things feel even more luxe, top it off with some classic jewels and a chic kimono. Done and done.


Pamod Nilru
Splash, Rs. 4,950

This trend is still going strong this year, so why not utilize it in a super-casual date-night look? To give your overalls a slightly sleeker feel, pair it with a sexy bralette, gold hoops and sky high stils. For a daytime look, swap out the bralette for a cute crop and replace the stilettos with a pair of comfy sneaks. Easy and just sultry enough.

*All prices are subject to change.

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