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A Newbie’s Guide To Boozing

This Lankan chick speaks from experience.

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The word ‘experience’ (see above) may be a little misleading. Allow me to clarify: I’m very new to drinking so my know-how is limited to a handful of occasions where I learned important lessons the hard way. As a fellow newbie, allow me to share a few tit-bits gathered from my experiences and those of a few friends thanks to our combined range of blurry nights, mornings with our heads down the toilet and bone-chilling glares from our respective parents.

1. Don’t Mix Your Drinks

This is the cardinal rule of drinking. This year I decided to start my birthday celebrations with a whole lotta of drinks on an empty stomach (more on that below.) Needless to say, this night ended in a not-so-celebratory manner with me puking on everyone (and everywhere) by 10 PM when the night was still oh-so-young. #embarrasingAF.

Moral of the story: Whatever your choice of poison is for the night, stick with one!
Pro tip: Never ever mix clear drinks with dark ones because one word: LETHAL.


2. Don’t Smoke Up And Drink

Yup, lighting up while you’re sipping on that glass of whiskey sounds like NBD. But, never do this. Why though? Well, if you smoke up and then drink, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), found in cannabis, affects the alcohol absorption levels, making your tipsier. Drinking and then smoking up will have your THC levels skyrocketing (making you higher than a kite!). Everyone reacts to alcohol and cannabis differently, so if you decide to disregard my advice, everything in moderation!  


3. Start Light

If you’re just stepping into the world of alcohol, my advice to you is, start small. Don’t down vodka neat or reach for a good ol’ Lankan ‘gal arakku’ on your first try. Start with something easy-breezy and yummy like a sparkling wine. Of course, it’s really up to you, but a glass of Pinot Grigio or a Riesling never hurt anybody. Bonus: They won’t break your bank (too much!).



4. Eat And Hydrate

Never drink on an empty stomach! Food is going to control the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into your body. This basically means drinking on an empty stomach is going to get you drunk AF pronto, and not in a good way. So, make sure to have a hearty meal at least 3 hours before you step out for a night on the town. And yes, drinking water really is the answer to most alcohol-related problems. Hydrating throughout the day is a must as alcohol is known to be notoriously dehydrating. My suggestion to all noobs: Pace your drinks out and include a glass of water in between. But, who are we kidding? You and I both know that’s not going to happen. Eat and hydrate or get ready for a killer hangover!


5. At The End Of Your Night Out, Eat Some More

Once the clock hits 4 AM, the post-drink munchies will start kicking in. Head down to Pilawoos down Galle road, order a cheese kottu with a glass of iced milo on the side. Speaking from experience, I promise this’ll be the best possible end to a night of lifting spirits. You can thank me later!


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