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All The Tricks You Need To Know About Strobing

Get ready to get your strobe on!


So what is strobing? Well, first of all, strobing is not a new technique and has been around for years in the makeup world – many of us just know it as highlighting. Strobing is a great way to help you achieve that natural, dewy and radiant glow without you having to try too hard. It allows you to highlight your facial features such as your cheekbones, nose and eyebrow bones to enhance your features and get them popping!

To make sure that you don’t end up looking like a hot mess, here are some beneficial tricks to help you get that instant glow:

Prep Your Face With An Illuminating Moisturiser

To make sure you get that instant golden glow, you have to make sure your skin is not dry – invest in a moisturiser that has an illuminator in it.

Find A Highlighter That Best Complements Your Skin Tone

To avoid having the product looking ashy and grey on your skin, always try to test out the product on the back of your hand and see how the glow looks. I’m sure we all want it to look like it’s natural and the glow is coming from within, right? Don’t be afraid to test it out first! 

Blend In The Highlighter

Once you have applied an intense amount of highlighter, don’t forget to blend it in. There’s nothing more unflattering than unblended makeup.

Highlight Areas On The Face Where The Light Naturally Hits

Highlight the areas that naturally get hit by the light– cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your Cupid’s bow and your chin. This will enhance your natural features and make them look more sculpted and defined.

Finish Off With A Setting Spray

Spritz on setting spray to seal the deal and keep that glow going the whole day! You’re now officially ready for your Instagram close-up. #sunkissed

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