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This ONE Trick Will Boost Your Fat Burning Hormone

And will actually help you lose more weight.

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We totally get it when you complain about being on diet and and missing your favourite junk food from your favourite outlet. We understand how strongly you want to lose those extra kilos without any hard hitting gym sessions.

What if we tell you that one slice of pizza will actually help you lose more weight than usual. Well, yes ladies! You read it right. The ONE trick that will boost your weight loss is having a cheat day in a week.

Here’s how it will help you:

Our hormones play a major role in balancing our body weight. There are certain hormones that effect our weight gains and loss.

Insulin and Leptin are the two major hormones that effect weight gain and weight loss in our body respectively.

Insulin stores energy from food (which is high in sugar) as fat in our body. And leptin allows our body to use the energy from the fat. Surprisingly, what influences leptin is the amount of fat we have in our body. The more fat your body has, the more leptin will be available, so you can burn off the fat.

The worst mistake many of us do to lose more weight is that we completely stop taking carbohydrates in our everyday diet. Initially, this might help but also will drain your energy level.

So to maintain a healthy weight loss cycle, don’t restrict yourself from eating fats and carbohydrates. Instead eat certain amount of of carbs which won’t harm your body.

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