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Lankans Spill On What They Think About Living Together With Their Partner

Together, forever.

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Living together without first tying the knot is a topic that’s off-limits, forget actually doing it! But, with the world constantly changing, many young men and women are choosing to live with their S.O before exchanging any rings…much to the horror of some conservative parents. 

Understandably, this is a controversial subject, but we wanted to know what the millennial Lankan girl’s thoughts are about moving in with their partner before marriage, and if they would really go through with it, if it came down to it!

The Real Compatibility Test

“Living together is the most practical method of figuring out whether you and your partner are suited for a lifetime together. You’ll be able to see what it’s really like to spend every moment in each other’s company, and you’ll discover (and rediscover!) various things about your relationship. I think it’s a great way to see if your bond will stand the test of time, amidst more practical issues like bills, laundry, varying careers, and, more importantly, what to eat for dinner!” –  Renusha, 25.

People Are Different In Their Own Spaces

“I think living together before marriage is super important! I strongly believe that people change when they live in such close proximity to each other. You’re with each other 24/7 and you’re confined to one space. After a few days, you truly see the real person. Back in school, I would spend long lengths of time camping, and this often revealed so much about my friends that initially, it shocked me. So, imagine what living together with your partner will reveal? Besides, you’ll get to see the more domestic and dressed down side of him that you usually wouldn’t when you’re out on dates.” – Anushika, 20.

Potential Complications After Marriage Can Be Avoided

“As scandalous as it sounds, when I think I find Mr. Right, I’d totally live with him before even considering marriage! I’d rather explore all avenues and brave a few trials with him to see how well synchronized we are, rather than wait for a ring on my finger and an official document to do so. After all, if sh*t hits the ceiling, divorce is rather messy and all that hassle that can be avoided if you just live with your partner first. When you do move in together, you can both can decide if y’all are willing to invest the rest of your lives with each other.” – Ramla, 26.

Moving In Together Can Be A Practical Option

“My BF and I live together in Colombo, and we decided to do so for a few reasons. We both worked full work days and lived about 20 minutes away from each other. Travelling to meet each other after work was exhausting, spending so much money on going out on dates to meet was expensive, and we didn’t see why it needed to be so difficult. His parents were totally cool about it, mine took a little convincing but they eventually came around.” – Wenuri, 28.

You Can Confirm If He’s Right For You

“I’m definitely moving in with my SO before marriage. When I told my mother, her response was, “Only over my dead body!” At the end of the day, it’s not my mother (or society) that’s going to be married to whoever the guy is. It’s me. And, I need to know whether I’m making the right decision. After all, I’m the one who’ll have to put up with any issues that may surface.” – Manisha, 23.

Would you consider living together? We’d love to know!

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