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What Makes You Feel Sexy?

Four Lankan fashion influencers on the clothes that empower them.


Wondering who your newest ticket should be to the most buzzed-about parties, runway front rows and It girl events? Check out these lovely ladies. From next-gen supermodels to Boss mamas that slay all day err day, these influencers have a die-hard love of fashion, yet a style all their own.

Sarah Illyas, 27

Find Your Own Style

The clothes that make me feel empowered are the ones that that are true to my style and garner me some attention. Why is it that your mood is better when you’re wearing your favorite jeans? Why keep going back to that same black top?  Your clothes really do have the power to make you feel powerful and liberated. Know what works for you, experiment and find the style that resonates with the best version of yourself

Feel Sexy Everyday!

Shopping, having a really good hair day, that feeling after a stellar work out, killing it at a meeting and feeling good about myself are when I feel my sexiest. But, what really gets me going is who I’m feeling sexy for. There’s nothing compared to a compliment from my husband or an admiring “Daaaam, baby” when I’m fully decked out (or not)!  As far as relationships are concerned, the tendency is for intimacy to fade out, especially in long ones like mine. So, that occasional head turn and flirting with my man makes me feel sexy AF (deep inside I keep telling myself, ‘You’ve still got it Sa’)!

Confidence stems from your personality and life experiences. You can boost it by knowing what you’re good at and making the big, “bigger”. For me, courage is confidence! 


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Anuradha Withanachchi

Tarja De Silva, 29

Discover Who You Are At Your Core

I absolutely adore my dance costumes as they let me reveal my inner personality and sporting them is when I feel most empowered.

Self-Acceptance Is The Way To Go

Learn to love, embrace and accept yourself; be aware of your weaknesses and play to your strengths. Being confident is really just being true to yourself and letting your best personality shine.


Christina Plate, 23      

Comfort, All The Way

The clothes that empower me the most are my own designs from X.TINA. Sporting them gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.  

The two main factors that make me feel sexy are comfort and confidence. If I’m not comfortable in what I’m wearing, I make sure to change several times until I’m happy with how I feel rather than how I look. 

Mix And Match

Don’t be afraid to showcase your own personal style whether it’s mixing and matching bold colors or prints, or rocking cool silhouettes to stand out.  It’s important to be yourself and be comfortable in what you wear. Confidence will automatically follow.    


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Sonali Silvaa, 22            

Showcase The Best Version Of Yourself

Pencil skirts, heels or just any crisp outfit that’s well put together generally makes me feel like a boss lady –  I like to channel my inner Jackie O when needed. When I’m certain I’m presenting the best version of myself is when I feel most empowered.      

A timeless make-up look with bold red lips and an ‘on fleek’ outfit that guarantees comfort is what makes me feel sexy.

Don’t Fit In; Stand Out

If you have an opinion, speak your mind. Don’t be paralyzed by the fear of rejection. Learn to accept your flaws. Your goal should be to stand in a room with all your critics and be completely unfazed by their jabs at your appearance, intelligence or humour. Don’t be bothered by anyone’s perception of you. Learn to laugh off their negativity.


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