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Alone In Europe: The Adventures Of A Lankan Girl

Travelling without a parent or guardian doesn’t have to be scary!


Tenisha Buell, Instagram’s @LankanFoodist, recently embarked on a journey across Europe, visiting the UK, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, all the while giving us serious foodie and vacation goals. Accompanied solely by a group of fabulous girls, Tenisha tells us it was the trip of a lifetime. But if travelling, alone, with a group of girls, through Europe doesn’t take MAJOR confidence, I’m not sure what does. Here, Tenisha tells us all about her experiences, the ups and the downs of their adventures and even gives us a few tips for Sri Lankan girls hoping to embark on their own cross-continent/country expeditions.

Shaku Fernando: What was the scariest prospect go travelling sans a parent or guardian?

Tenisha Buell: Probably getting from city-to-city and the fact that I might miss my train or flight due to my ability to sleep through anything (same, Tenisha, same).

SF: Was there any point you wished you had your family with you?

TB: If I were with family, I would’ve had to do what they wanted to do. But, I also wished I was with them because I wouldn’t have undergone the stress of figuring out what to do every day!

SF: What were the differences between travelling alone as opposed to with your folk?

TB: With family, all you have to worry about is looking nice for the day because everything is paid for by them. When I was on my own, I was constantly stressed out about losing something or spending too much.

SF: How did you prepare for your journey, in terms of bookings and transport?

TB: I used Airbnb and when looking for accommodation. And, I mostly used Eurail (which I highly recommend) or flew.

SF: Did you have any scary encounters?

TB: I slept in a room with three 40+ year-old-men at a “youth” hostel… It was my first hostel experience and was the worst EVER! Major learning curve!

SF: Do you have any advice for Sri Lankan girls who plan on travelling alone, especially when it comes to getting the green light from their parents?

TB: It’s important you start working (if you aren’t already) and take control of your life. I paid for my entire trip with money I earned over a span of 6 months. Once your folk see that you can actually survive on your own, their levels of anxiety will drop considerably. Yes, they’ll still worry. But, you’ll still have the opportunity to be independent.  

SF: What should all girls always carry with them when travelling alone?

TB: Snacks (munchies always hit), earphones and something to read (or a pack of cards!).

SF: What’s the most important thing you learned from your experiences?

TB: The value of money and how expensive it is to exist on this planet (we feel you, girl!).

SF: What was your favourite memory from your trip?

TB: Going on pub crawls in different cities; particularly Split in Croatia!

SF: What’s your take on travelling in groups vs alone?

TB: I believe, travelling alone is better because you automatically become more independent. The larger the group you’re in, the more dependent on each other you become.

SF: What makes you feel confident when planning excursions?

TB: Being able to pay for everything on my own, and not have to ask my parents for money, hands down!

Are you considering making a trip overseas or within Sri Lankan on your own (or with your pals)? Tell us all in the comments bellow!

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