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Purple Ube Is Instagram’s New Fave Food Trend



Just when you think you have seen it all, the food industry goes and does it again. After Brookies and Cronuts, the newest trend being covered by all the food bloggers is something that has us all turning a little bit violet.

It’s called Ube (pronounced oo-bay) and, believe it or not, is completely natural and super yummy as well!


Taco Tuesday just leveled up. | ?: @paulsfoodhaul #icecreamtaco #insiderdessert

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A root vegetable with a sweet taste like white chocolate, this one is all the rage, having its moment in the food spotlight of late.

Though this is a common ingredient used in the Philippines, traditionally boiled to make a sweet pudding called Ube Halaya, it seems to have become a world wide craze of late, being used in cakes, doughnuts, ice-creams and more.


Ube ice cream + pineapple whoopie cookie = match made in #icecreamheaven ??

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Looks yum, and super pretty in photographs as well. We, for one, cannot wait to try it and are ‘Ube’ Excited to bits!

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