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Dinesh Chandrasena Never Experienced Low Self-Esteem

We’re in complete awe of her!

Jehan D Adahan

The Fashion Design Program Coordinator at Raffles Design Institute and independent designer shares her take on what confidence means to her and when she feels the most attractive! And, believe it or not, she has never felt low self-worth! Watch our one-on-one with Dinesh for all the deets!


Cosmo: What does confidence mean to you?

Dinesh: Confidence for me is inherent from within, and it’s nothing to do with looks, it’s nothing to do with your body type, nothing to do with age. It’s all to do with a feeling of just strength, a feeling of knowing that you are empowered and that each women is blessed with their own inherent gifts. So that to me is confidence.

Cosmo: When do you feel the most beautiful?

Dinesh: Usually as soon as I’m done with the treadmill because I feel accomplished. I have no make-up on, I’m terribly sweaty and this happens every morning at like 6:30, so I think that’s really me in my true self. You know for shoots we dress up and we do our make-up and we look fabulous, but I think I feel my best and my most beautiful in my most natural state.

Cosmo: How do you deal with low self-esteem?

Dinesh: I mean, I’ve never had low self-esteem and this is, I think, my upbringing because my mom was a very strong woman and she worked very hard for everything she had, and she just empowered my sister and myself with knowing that, you know, it’s not about money, it’s not about prestige, it’s not about your name being out there. It’s about achieving for yourself and making your life fulfilled. So my self-esteem has always been quite plateaued. I’ve never had peaks and valleys, so I have not had to deal with low self-esteem.

Cosmo: A message to all Cosmo readers…

Dinesh: Be yourselves, life is too short. Embrace who you are. We should always try to improve ourselves, but only for ourselves. It’s not for a partner, a person, a job, a position, a location, you should improve yourself for your own well-being and just be strong, confident and fantastic, because you’re the only you out there.

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