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Beat The Jean Heat

Tricks from the tropics.

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I believe I’m speaking for everyone when I say jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing to ever exist. You can dress it up or down, rip or roll it up. A pair of jeans manages to slay like it’s NBD, without fail. So, it’s no surprise that jeans are a staple piece in most of our Lankan closets. But, having said that, we all know the struggle these comfy pants bring forth during the extra hot months of the year. Y’all know what I mean: Often wearing anything other than a cold shower is pure torture. In other words, we’re all walking sweaty, sticky messes (guilty as charged!).  Of course, this doesn’t mean we can ditch out trusty jeans right? Right! So, I put my nose to the ground and discovered a few tricks that make wearing our fave pair of denim a little less painful.

1. The Shopping Bag Trick

We stumbled onto this trick by accident, and ohmygosh! I don’t know how we survived without it before! After one sweaty outfit fitting prior to a fashion shoot, our beautiful model was having a lot of trouble getting back into her pants. And, Marlon Rae (one of Colombo’s fave designers!), happened to be (thankfully) present. He shared a hack he created on his own to get into your pants with ease: Before you get into your pants, slip on a thick plastic bag onto each foot and tie. The material of the polythene bag reduces the friction and so makes it easy-peasy to get into those tighties. One thing to note here is that the bag should be of thicker material (not to be mistaken as the ones you get from the grocery store down the lane!).

2. Rip It Up

That’s right, switch out your regular jeans for a distressed pair during those extra torrid times. They’re cute and they provide enough ventilation to keep your legs from drowning in sweat or suffocating in the lack of O2. There are a lot of styles to choose from—boyfriend, bootleg, high-waisted—so you don’t have to stick to just the skinny pair! The openings in the fabric will be a breath of fresh air(literally!).

3. Say No To Denim

The word ‘denim’ refers to a fabric that’s generally thick and sauna-like when worn. So, swap out your jeans to a pair made of other breathable fabrics like chambray or pants made of linen and cotton.

4. The Lighter The Better

Swap out the darker colors to lighter hues as a no-sweat trick. Remember how we learnt that darker shades absorb heat while light shades reflect for science? Yup, it’s that same theory at work here. Since there’s no escaping from the heat here on this sunny island, incorporate light-washed jeans into your #OOTD. It’s a no-fuss way of staving off sweaty situations.

No more butt-sweat stains, girls. Celebrate!

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