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5 Weight Loss Superfuits You Need to Start Eating Today

Our 'fruitful' guide to weight loss, one delicious bite at a time

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Fruit are the best and yummiest way to get our nutrition fix. This is a tried and tested mantra that has been passed down through the ages. But with all sorts of information floating around, one can get confused as to which fruits to consume, when and how much.

Worry not, we have the answer to your queries. Keeping in mind the current summer and monsoon season, we have figured out the five best fruits to be eating to keep healthy, fit and lose some weight. Bonus, these will give you glowing skin as well.

1. Strawberries

Filling and low calorie in nature, this yummy fruit is packed full of vitamin C , omega 3 , fibre and cancer fighting substances as well, just half a bowl a day and you are all set to loose some inches around your waist, the healthy way.

2. Blueberries

Super yummy and low in calories, blueberries can be eating guilt free by themselves or added to your morning cereal, yogurt or smoothies. They also improve blood circulation and fight free-radical damage to tissues and cells. Talk about bonus goodness!

3. Plums 

Low on calories and high on dietary fibre and vitamin C, Plums are your go to food for healthy weight loss. Grab some dried prunes for a healthy weight loss snack between meals, they are good at suppressing the appetite as well.

4. Mangoes 

Surprise, surprise! This king of fruits may have a bad rep for no reason , but it’s dense with antioxidants, proteins and omega 3. Super delicious, they help bulk up our meals without causing much fat gain, if eating wisely in moderation and as a meal by itself .

5. Peaches 

At just 20 calories, a medium peach packs in more then 20 macro and micro nutrients , and can be eaten as the perfect snack or added to salads, mains and desserts as well.

Talk about healthy and yum !

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