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Your Big Fat Sri Lankan Family

Why you should love your whole ‘jingbang’

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Being Sri Lankan means two things. One, you’re always late to everything: In my family it has come to the point that people tell us an earlier time than is necessary so that we’re — hopefully — on time. Two, your family is large, loud and loving.  If the latter is true for you, you’re infinitely lucky — not everyone gets to grow up in such tight-knit families, surrounded constantly by people who love you. Though that proximity definitely comes with its fair share of issues, some kids have never even met their cousins. So, here’s why you should love that big old family of yours. 

1. Loneliness? What’s that?

Even if you’re an only child, you probably never felt like that as a child. Growing up in a Sri Lankan family means fairly little alone time, and lots of ‘family time.’ And, we aren’t complaining! Your cousins are probably always at your house or you’re at theirs. In a way, they’re not even your cousins, y’all are as close as brothers and sisters, minus the unwanted sibling rivalries. Trust me, there’s nothing nicer than coming home after a long day to the voices of your family inside — whether it’s for night of karaoke, messing with fireworks or telling ghost stories. 

2. Family Trips

This is literally the best part of the summer holidays. Trips such as these involve a long, seemingly never-ending bus ride to the beach that you secretly never wanted to end. It would usually be overflowing with singing, dancing, and all your uncles and aunties too drunk to even qualify as adults at the moment. Oh, and also, copious amounts of Acharu and Milo, although you probably shouldn’t mix the two (we learnt that the hard way.)

3. Family Dinners

My advice? Book a private room, because things are about to get real loud! You probably won’t even realise it, but by the end of the night your ears will be ringing and the sound of silence will be almost numbing. By the time y’all wrap up, the rest of the restaurant just might have cleared out. One thing’s for sure, your tummy will ache from all the laughing (let’s hope it’s that and not something in the food.) This just goes to prove that no matter how much time you spend with them (although occasionally you might feel a little sick of them), when everyone’s together there’s nothing but love and laughing, teasing and occasional singing. 

4. At Least 10 Shoulders To Cry On

If there is one thing that’s for sure, it’s that your family will always be there for you. There’s no one more prepared to fight or care for you when you really need it. Even in the littlest of ways — like making you dance or telling a joke — they have always got your back.

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