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Your Tropical Dream Outdoor Wedding Is Possible!

Fret not. We’ve got you covered.

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Sunny temperatures, beautiful beaches and vast gardens, most brides lust after an outdoor wedding. I know I do. The traditional banquet-hall-type of ceremony doesn’t appeal to too many. Yes, it’s convenient, and in the event of a downpour, you won’t have to worry. But, there’s something to be said about having an elegant outdoorsy gathering complete with fairy lights and candles. Perhaps that’s just me!

However, as delightful as it sounds (and looks in photos), Charm De Silva, Director at Magical Moments says, “It’s a whole new ball game!”

Consulting with a professional when planning your big day can be beneficial. Your planner will be able to guide you towards making smart decisions. Consider the following when you begin the process of planning.

Costs & Location

“It’s important to remember that your costs will automatically be more expensive if you opt to have an outdoor wedding vs. an indoor event,” explains Charm. “Choose a location that is both meaningful, practical, and spend time creating a realistic contingency plan for a variety of issues like insects, outdoor lighting, adequate toilet facilities, the heat, strong wind, and rain.” Yup, make sure your contingency plans have contingency plans. Cover all your bases!


Set a date for your outdoor wedding while considering the weather patterns. Think about what months are pouring with rain and terribly hot and make an educated decision. “Bad weather means ensuring you set up a marquee to avoid the event getting washed off due to rain,” suggests Charm. However, she cautions that preparing for a shower comes with a hefty price tag. “Timing is truly everything, especially if it’s scorching hot,” she goes on. “If you envision an outdoor ceremony, bear in mind that the hottest part of the day is usually between noon and 4 pm. So, try and schedule the start of your ceremony after 4 pm, so the sun won’t be as strong for your guests”


Outdoor lighting is key for an evening wedding reception, and it can really set the mood. Cue the fairy lights, mason jar lights and lanterns! “Most properties will not have adequate lighting, so speak to a lighting specialist or an event stylist to light up the garden or beach,” recommends Charm. “The outdoor event will have to be powered by a separate generator. Therefore, in the event of power failures or fluctuations, most hotels or villas will not have the adequate capacity or allow the use of their own generator for events.”


Regardless of where you decide to host your wedding — be it beach or field — easy access is also an important factor to consider. “Vendors must have easy entry into the venue to effortlessly set up or move equipment,” explains Charm. “Make allowance for elderly or handicapped guests, and ensure signage is visible so guests know the location of key facilities.” Think bathrooms, bar and food. Priorities.

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