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The Cosmo Team Reveals Their #TGIF Playlist

From work to werk!

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T.G.I.F! T.G.I.F! That one lyric from Katy Perry’s song ‘Last Friday Night’ always runs through my mind every time Friday comes around. It’s the most awaited day of the week for most of us (we completely feel for those who have to work on Saturday and Sunday!). Starting off the day with the right music is the best way to kickstart the weekend.

Rehana Packeeran

My jam when I get dressed in the morning is usually a K-Pop song and I’ve recently been grooving to some good hip-hop. Hence, iKon’s ‘Bling Bling’ is the first track I listen to before I leave home to get to work. I’ve lost touch with English songs so my playlist is full of Korean music. I don’t have a specific set of songs to listen to on a Friday; it really depends on my mood at that moment. My usual Friday night routine would be reading a book, catching up on movies and TV series, or watching the latest K-Pop music videos.

I quizzed the rest of the Cosmo team on what they’re listening to this Friday and what their plans were for the evening.

Shihaam Hassanali

“I stumbled upon this playlist on Apple Music and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s curated by the Apple editors and is updated each week (by them and other users), and features songs that are both old and new. It’s a great mix from every genre, guaranteed to get your feet moving! Since this ‘Friday Feeling’ playlist is constantly updated, I haven’t found the need to look for (or create) other playlists. Some Friday nights, I like to gym or dance up a storm, but tonight, I’m catching up with some friends for food, drink and great conversation,” – Shihaam Hassanali, Associate Editor. Listen to her playlist, ‘Friday Feeling’, here.

Anuradha Withanachchi

“All these songs on my current playlist get me pumped up, excited and ready to partayy! Not that I actually head out to one. It’s just a party inside my head ‘cause I’m a regular person who goes to sleep at 9 p.m. on Fridays! These tunes put me in an energetic mood and that’s exactly what I need to end this crazy week in good spirits. From K-Pop to Pop to trap to alternative rock, these tracks get me ready for a hectic weekend (no lazy weekends for me with back-to-back lectures!). My playlists change according to my mood, current faves and genres I’m into! So, I have a gazillion playlists on my phone! I’m afraid I’m currently leading a rather work-heavy life, so tonight, I’ll probably be stuffing my face with fries, watching Grey’s Anatomy, holed up in my room. Or I’ll be stressing over my assignments and overdue articles (over fries, of course).”  – Anuradha Withananachchi, Junior Editor. Listen to her custom playlist, here.

Iskhan Ahamed

“I’m a slo-flo music kinda guy so I have very few dance tracks on my phone. I don’t have a special playlist for Fridays (or any other day for that matter.) I’m currently loving Selena Gomez’s ‘Same Old Love’. Most Friday nights I hit the theater and catch a movie heading back home to Kandy. The weekend’s the only time I get to spend with my family,” – Iskhan Ahamed, Graphic Deisgner.

Kavee Jayasuriya

“My playlists really depend on what I’m in the mood for. The tracks on my present lineup are songs I’ve been listening to on repeat this week. But my music preferences change every week so you can expect something different by the time next Friday comes around. Usually I’m out of the house in the evening. I’d grab drinks with friends or go for dinner with my family. Tonight, I plan on sleeping by 9.” – Kavee Jayasuriya, Fashion Editor.

What’s your TGIF jam? Tell us in a comment here or on Facebook. You can also tag us in your playlist photos on Instagram.

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