All Lankan Girls Can Attend A Concert Solo. Here’s Why It Can Be The Best Thing Ever! - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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All Lankan Girls Can Attend A Concert Solo. Here’s Why It Can Be The Best Thing Ever!

Just get out there and have fun!

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Heading to any kind of musical event alone can be a bit of a daunting task. If it’s a local show, things like tickets, travelling, location, etc. come to mind. And, if your fave artist is having a concert overseas, you feel double the stress of going through the process all by yourself. You have to worry about tickets, passports, luggage, a place to stay and so on. However, if you do enough research and prepare well beforehand, it’s not as overwhelming as it may seem. Here’s how you can plan your solo concert experience like a pro. 

Booking The Ticket

Check out newspaper articles, web sites and social media for info on the show you want to attend. Official sites will help you in figuring out where and how you can book your ticket. It’s always best to reserve it in advance to avoid disappointment on the final day. For out of Lanka concerts, look for your artist’s tour schedule for an idea about country options. 

“When you book your ticket, make sure you click the ‘Print at home’ option,” shared solo concert goer expert, Sanora, 27. “I printed two copies because being the klutz I am, I knew I’d lose one, which I did, as soon as I entered the concert venue. Luckily, I had my extra ticket in my bag.”

Figuring Out Transport

Depending on where the concert will take place, picking your mode of travel is very important. If you’re on a budget, then a bus or train will get you there. Otherwise, book a cab beforehand and get to the venue at least an hour early. For foreign concerts, your next step will be booking your flight. Sometimes travel agencies or airlines offer packages for specific concerts, so you may want to keep this as an option. 

Travelling alone for the first time? Not to worry. Just remember to do your research on the location of the concert, people, culture, rules and regulations. This applies to both Sri Lanka and other countries, as different places may have their own set of instructions that should be followed. For example, Singapore has a strict ban against chewing gum.

Overnight Stays

Some concerts may require you to stay overnight. Look up places to spend the day (or night) via sites like Trip Advisor or Yoho Bed. You can check out prices, locations and other details such as room facilities. Either book your room before you leave home or go there before heading to the concert (if possible) to reserve one. You can leave your stuff and only carry essentials to the venue. 

“Instead of booking hotel rooms, try to stay in a hostel. I was reluctant to stay at a hostel at first because I’d never experienced that before, but it saved me a huge amount of cash and introduced me to a whole group of cool people from around the world. (Also nothing screams Good Morning than shirtless boys walking around straight out of the shower.),” smiled Sanora.

Now that you’ve gotten the nitty gritty down pat, it’s time to enjoy the music and have the time of your life!

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