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Ever Heard Of The 20-Year Cycle?

Don't worry, it has nothing to do with exercise.

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Trends—just like paper, outfits and that hilarious joke you made yesterday—are often recycled. Only, unlike the latter, trends have a tendency to repeat themselves every 20 years, in what is known as the ’20-year cycle.’ However, with the emergence of social media and almost immediate exposure to trends, those twenty years have been cut down, or in some cases stretched out. Take Sri Lanka for example, not too long ago, trends came in only when they went out for the rest of the world. This is changing. Largely thanks to Instagram and its social media allies, when a new trend is circling, literally everyone has access to it.

The Comebacks

Recently, we witnessed the comeback of the 90s, with the return of chokers, ripped jeans and off-shoulder tops. Word on the street is that it’ll be the 80s returning next. So let’s say a big hello to all the neon ruffles and flares that will, no doubt, begin reappearing everywhere! We can kind of already see this revival in the increasing popularity of overalls. In fact, it seems impossible not to see a bunch of girls wearing them whenever we visit the beach (or do any outdoor activity!).

Who even wears normal tops anymore? It seems all anyone wears are crop tops now. Who can blame us? It’s the ideal way to beat the heat in Colombo. Paired with the return of high-waisted jeans or shorts, it seems ideal for the summer swelter.

However, there are a few trends that we hope will not be revived and will remain in their respective decades.

Leave The Fanny Packs To Your Grandpas

No, they’re not cute, even if you’re wearing them! While they are practical and you, no doubt, rocked them in the 80s, why not opt for a backpack or anything else, please! Save those around you from any unwanted 80s flashbacks.

Spandex: Nope, Not In This Heat

We would rather not have to peel the sticky stuff off of our bodies after a long day. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that would be in a tuk-tuk?

Side Ponytails.

Need we say more?

Leg Warmers

I think our legs are warm enough already, thanks.

Track Suits

In this heat? We’ll pass.

Why do trends repeat themselves, though? Historically, there are four phases to every trend. Let’s break it down.

Phase One

The trend appears on the runway or on the Instagram feeds of celebrities, like Kylie Jenner. At this point, it’s embraced by the famous and sought after by the rest of us.

Phase Two

The trend becomes available to the masses, and suddenly, everyone is on board. It seems hard to go anywhere without seeing someone in an off-shoulder dress or Adidas superstars.

Phase Three

Since, as humans we are so driven to be ‘different,’ the trend suddenly becomes overplayed, like “Uptown Funk” or “Closer,” and so no one wants to be associated with it anymore. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the trend disappears.

Phase Four

Some 20 years (give or take a decade) down the line, it’s picked up again. This time its ‘retro,’ and as long as something is retro, it’s cool.

What do you think ?

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