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Heading For A Concert Or Music Fest? Here’s What To Expect When Going In A Group.

The unexpected may help you have a great time!

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The very first music festival I went to was the Electric Peacock Festival at Water’s Edge waay back in 2013. My brother and his fiancée treated me and I was so excited that it took me positively ages to figure out what to wear!

Comfort Is Key. Remember guys, the event can go on for hours, so the comfier clothes you don, the better, but it’s totally okay to look cute. I eventually settled on a pair of leggings and a bright green asymmetrical top and jacket. Slipping into my trusty sandals and with my satchel, I was good to go. I was snug and I didn’t look too shabby either! Win!

Make-Up Is Optional. My brother shared that hardly anyone will notice if my eyeliner is on point or not, so he suggested keeping it off.  Unless you’ve locked in your make-up with a setting spray, chances are it can slip and slide with the heat. But, if you want to rock a dramatic eye look, by all means do so! You do you, girl!

Leave Your Tote At Home. Trust me, you don’t want to lug around your typical handbag with your entire life in it. The chances of someone stealing it or losing it in the crowds are higher. If you can’t not carry a bag, keep it small and only stash the necessities like a water bottle, tissues and snacks. Got pockets in your pants or skirts? Then slip your phone and cash into them to keep them safe.

Arrive Early. We managed to snag a spot in one of the front rows, close to the stage area, because we got there relatively early. Despite the other attractions around and the tempting food booths, we stayed put patiently. It helps to have a light meal before you leave home. After all, you don’t want to suffer from a gastritis attack or deal with a growling stomach during the show.

Keep An Open Mind. I didn’t expect to have a good time, because I was cynical of Lankan concerts in general. But, looking back now, the whole experience ranks as one of my most unforgettable memories in life. After the initial acts were over, Tinie Tempah graced the stage and everyone went wild. My brother and fiancé are huge fans so it was quite the sing-a-long! The sea of voices that joined him in the chorus of ‘Written In The Stars’ left him looking extremely surprised to discover that his music was popular with us Lankans. Although I didn’t know his music at all, I was an instant fan!

Note to self: Expect the unexpected whenever you head to a concert or music festival. It can either be a great evening or a complete let down, but either way, going in with an open mind will make the experience all the more memorable.

All in all, I learned that it’s nice to be a part of a group who has the same interests as you do. Even if the levels of interest may differ, it was a treat to have witnessed an incredible artist who performed with his heart and soul. Bottom line: It helps to come out of your comfort zone and enjoy making new memories that you’ll fondly remember later.

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