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Perfume In Your Belly Button: Does It Work?

Is it a hot spot or a not spot?

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Perfume is great. It can mask the scent of a skipped shower, capture the attention of a crush and generally lift your spirits. When it comes to how and wear to apply it, we’ve heard it all: from spritzing in the air in front of you and jumping into the mist like they do in chick flicks, to spraying it on the conventional pulse points, such as our wrists, and less conventional ones, like behind our ears. Apparently, a rather neglected body part, namely our belly buttons, is also a great place to spray our signature scent. Why? Because of the heat in this area, as well as the location. The celebs even do it! But does it work?

Fragrance experts have claimed that the belly button is one of the optimum places to spray perfume in order to get the scent to radiate. This is largely because it’s so central (literally) on your body. Sounds strange and logical at the same time (weird), and this hack has its fair sure of devotees and naysayers. Some people who have put this hack to the test claim that the scent is strong, but only if you aren’t wearing any clothing (so only useful if you intend to be getting naked… Great for date night, not so great for the office or girls’ night!).

After trying this test ourselves, here’s our COSMO-approved verdict

Spraying fragrance into your belly button works well, but in conjunction with other pulse points, namely your wrists and neck. It also helps to spritz on lesser known pulse points too, such as behind your knees and under your arms. In other words, the more perfume you have on your skin in strategic places, the longer you will smell great. Simple.

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