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The Dangers Of Coloured Contact Lenses You Need To Know About

Proceed with caution!

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I’m sure most of us, at one point or another, have thought about how we’d look with a different eye colour. Since I was ‘blessed’ with sludgy hazel peepers that closely resemble cow manure, I’ve often wished that they could have been a bit brighter. Nowadays, there is a way that you can experiment with different shades: using colour contact lenses. Seems easy, fun and safe, right? Well, not necessarily. There are risks associated with wearing these lenses – here’s what you need to know.

Back in the D, contact lenses, whether prescription or cosmetic, could only be bought from an optometrist. These days, however, they’ve become really easy to get hold of, partly because of the trend overseas to wear crazy lenses for Halloween. This trend, which started in the US, took off worldwide, and now getting hold of colour contacts is super-easy – in fact, it’s easier than it should be.

Why shouldn’t it be easy, you ask? Contact lenses that are available from optometrists are made using medical-grade materials so that they don’t damage your eye. Lenses that are bought in regular stores, on the black market or off social media are harder to regulate, so you can’t always be certain they’re not made from heap, unregulated dyes and plastics. And non-professional suppliers can’t give you advice (like not wearing them overnight and having to store them in saline solution to prevent eyes developing corneal ulcers and infections, which can cause scarring and even lead to blindness!).

So is there a way to experiment with different eye colours safely (that doesn’t include a Snapchat filter)? There is – visiting your local optometrist is the best bet. They can fit you with safe colour lenses and, while they might cost a bit more, it’s worth it to ensure that your vision remains intact. Follow all the instructions given to you by the pros, don’t share your lenses with friends and make sure you keep ’em clean. Then you can go out into the world and keep everyone guessing as to what your eye colour really is. *wink*

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