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20 Men Tell Us…What’s The One ‘Girly’ Thing You’d Like To Try?

Turns out, we’re not the only ones who are partial to a VB hairstyle, Brazilian wax and, er, a breezy dress...

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1. “Go for high tea with my bros and Instagram the crap out of it. It all looks very classy!” —Dilshan, 21

2. “Those chiffon summer dresses. It’d be awesome to walk around with a little breeze around my nether regions in this crazy weather.” —Sharen, 24

3. “Get a girl to pay for my drink, then disappear like a phantom in the night.” —Naresh, 27

4. “A Victoria Beckham haircut. You know, the bob that’s long at the front but short at the back?” —Anuhas, 22

5. “Tweeze my eyebrows. They’re so out of control, I’m afraid I might grow a unibrow soon.” —Roshan, 22

6. “I’d love myself a sugar daddy—someone who’s rich beyond my wildest dreams and willing to share their wealth in exchange for my body.” —Akash, 23

7. “Slathering on some fruity lotions from The Body Shop. I’d get judged if I smelt like berries.” —Prabhash, 25

8. “Getting a Brazilian wax.” —Ayesh, 26

9. “Long baths with aromatic salts and soaps. Along with a glass of wine. Add some candles, too!” —Shehan, 21

10. “Yoga pants. It apparently feels like kittens hugging your legs. Girls are always telling me how snuggly they are, plus I think my butt would look hot in them.” —Tarin, 24

11. “Not gonna lie. A purse would be hella convenient.” —Shaveendra, 23

12. “I love arranging flowers…On a similar note, I think girls should also buy men flowers.” —Rashid, 20

13. “Fancy nail art! Maybe not the bling-bling designs, but a spaceship on my nails would be pretty damn cool.” —Tony, 26

14. “I want to learn how to knit, sew and crochet.” —Stephen, 22

15. “Being the little spoon.” —Ashan, 19

16. “I want to be taken for a nice dinner, after which I will put out.” —Chatura, 25

17. “I’d like to try having a period. That’s the quintessential girly thing other than giving birth, right?” —Rehan, 23

18. “Go clothes shopping with my buddies.” —Lalin, 24

19. “Not bring anything to a bar but my phone. Gotta take selfies, otherwise how will anyone know how much fun I’ve had?” —Danula, 22

20. “The way women place one hand on the hip and lean into the position. It’s super cute and I want to look like a little teapot, damn it!” —Mahen, 24


This article was originally published as ’20 Men Tell Us…What’s The One ‘Girly’ Thing You’d Like To Try?’ in the January 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more real life situations, grab a copy of our latest magazine.

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