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Island Gals Reveal Staple Wardrobe Pieces They Just Can’t Live Without

You know which outfit’s calling your name!

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It’s no secret that we girls love our clothes and we take our fashion quite seriously. Well, most of the time, anyway. Shopping for new stuff is fun, when you find that well-fitting pair of jeans or a statement necklace you’ve coveted for a while. But, we all have those special pieces that we simply fall back on – time and time again – when we’re feeling down and out or just can’t be bothered to dress up.

Team Cosmo made the rounds and here’s what some Lankan girls had to share on the clothes they survive without.  

‘Shift dresses are my go-to, whatever the day or occasion. They flatter my shape and are super comfy!’ – Nora, 27

‘Skater skirts! They’re flowy and show off my legs really well. Plus, they make going from work to werk easy AF!’ – Radha, 19

‘A red dress! It adds instant oomph to my wardrobe and works great at the office plus any after-work events. All I need are the right accessories to pair it with to look bomb! Also, a really fun blazer works miracles for my image. I throw it over jeans and a t-shirt, and wham! You’ve got an instant stylish put-together look.’ – Shi, 29

‘My closet is filled with long-sleeved cardigans. I prefer dark colours and I love how it can take a simple outfit to a stylish one in seconds.’ – Purni, 20

‘I can’t live without t-shirts. I even wear them to work, under cardigans or jackets. They’re comfortable and can be worn for any event, depending on the type of t-shirt. It gives me a sense of confidence and I love it!’ – Ravee, 21

‘I absolutely need a pair of dark coloured jeans. You can pull off both dressy and casual looks at any time, no sweat.’ – Vindi, 25

‘I pick the pencil skirt. This universally flattering piece is incredibly versatile. It’s a must-have for work, evenings out or special occasions.’ – Kavindya, 23

What are your wardrobe necessities? Do leave a comment.

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