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Woman Down: How To Look After Your Skin When You Have The Flu

Because your skin needs TLC, too.

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As I am writing this, I am in the grips of a pretty horrendous flu. Most of us succumb to it at least once a year, and it can take a huge toll on you if you fail to look after yourself properly during this fragile time. Having recently turned the big 3-0 (!), I’ve also been paying more attention to my skin so that it stays in good shape for the next couple of decades (fingers crossed!). Something I have noticed during my few days in quarantine is that being sick has made my skin feel pretty gross. So I’ve been researching and implementing ways to look after the body’s biggest organ so that I have one less thing to feel horrid about. Here are my findings…


Steam is great for clearing congestion, so a hot shower can make you feel a lot better. But this heat can also dry out your skin, so it’s important to moisturise well once you hop out. Try to shower no more than once a day and also skip soaps that are designed to strip the skin of grease, making skin even drier.

Stay Hydrated

We should be drinking plenty of water all the time, but when you’re sick, it’s even more crucial that you stay hydrated. If the idea of chugging cold water in chilly times leaves you, well, cold, drink boiled water with a slice of lemon (and maybe even a bit of ginger) to make sure that you get enough fluids.

Be Bland

Sometimes when we feel gross, we overcompensate by trying to at least smell better than we feel. Bad idea. Fragrances can irritate a sensitive nose, so avoid wearing heavy scents until you’ve recovered. Also avoid perfumed lotions and face creams, and stick to fragrance-free products instead.

No To Retinoids

Colds and flu have a tendency to leave our skin feeling parched so, while it’s important to moisturise often, rather lay off the anti-ageing products for a while. These products often contain retinoids, which are known to help fight the clock but are also quite drying – not what your skin needs at this time.

Be Nosey

Our noses probably suffer the most when we’re sick – mine has definitely had better days! So something you should have at your disposal, whether you are in bed or out and about, is a rich, scent-free moisturiser to dab on often throughout the day. Also opt for tissues that contain lotion, as they’re more gentle on your nostrils.

Look after yourselves, peeps!

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