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9 Packing Hacks You Need To Know For Your Next Long-Haul Flight

Have you tried the shower cap hack before?

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Long-haul flights can be stressful for even the most frequent flyers. What do you take, how do you pack it and will it survive the 14-hour journey?

Which is where these hacks come in, to try and make packing and flying easy, and enjoying your holidays a priority. The dream.

1. Fill Your Socks With Fragile Items

Ever thought of your socks having multiple uses? Try utilising space in your suitcase by slipping breakables like aftershaves or perfumes into your socks to protect them, and save valuable space. Or, roll up your clothes and put them into your socks to make packing easier than ever.

2. Keep Your Luggage Fresh During Long-Haul

Placing a scented tumble dryer sheet between your clothing layers will guarantee that your clothes are smelling as fresh when you arrive as they did when you packed them. These handy sheets will reduce the chances of static, too, and the smell will be a welcome treat at the end of a stressful flight.

3. The Shower Cap Hack

Whilst you may not be a fan of wearing the classic shower cap, they come in useful for other reasons, too – namely to wrap up your shoes or anything dirty in your luggage. This will prevent dirty soles from touching clean clothes or coming into contact with your toothbrush or toiletries case.

4. Use A Belt To Keep Your Collar Flat

If you’re a fan of the classic white shirt (or any shirt, actually) look on holiday but are worried about your collar creasing, reach for your belt collection.

Try rolling up a belt and placing it inside the top of your shirts, to keep your collars stiff and in shape in your luggage. Plus, the belt coil will lie flat and not take up too much room, either.

5. Use Tissue Paper For Delicate Items

Avoid as much crinkling as possible by putting a piece of tissue paper between any fabrics that have a tendency to crease. This way, hopefully the paper will take the crinkles rather than your clothes, and you don’t have to fuss about with irons or steaming when you get to your destination.

6. Put All Your Small Things In Reliable Places

So, that means storing your headphones in a sunglasses case, your earrings through button holes and your necklaces done up and in pill pots. It’ll just make your whole unpacking experience easier and stop any “WAIT HAVE I LOST THIS, THAT AND THE OTHER?”

7. Bag A Spare Seat On The Flight

If you’re flying as a pair and get the option to choose seats during the booking process, book two seats with a gap between them (A and C, for example), because the chances are, the airline won’t put someone between you. And if they do? You can always ask them politely if they’ll squidge up one so you and your pal can sit together, anyway.

8. Pack Items In Certain Places Depending On Their Weight

Put the heaviest things at the bottom of your case (as in, when it’s stood vertically), because not only will this give you more stability when you’re wheeling it along, but stop any of your more delicate items being crushed. In basic terms, shoes at one end, and toiletries at the other. 

9. Wear Your Bulky Clothes

Make space in your suitcase by wearing your heaviest and bulkiest items of clothing. Yep, this can a pain if you’re forced to wear skiing dungarees to the airport or your travelling jacket to a hot country, but it means you’ll have way more space in your suitcase.

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