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6 Ways To Wake Up (Without The Caffeine)

Yep, it’s possible. Here’s how.

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Have you become so stuck in the habit of drinking coffee every day that you don’t realise the negative side effects it’s having on you? Excessive coffee drinking can lead to anxiety, feeling jittery, insomnia, headaches and more, depending on the person.

If you relate to the phrase ‘Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee’ a little too much, it might be time to cut down or cut out caffeine altogether. It may sound impossible, but there are people in the world who get by without the stuff – and you can trick your body into waking up, caffeine-free. Here’s how.

Let The Light In

Before you go to sleep, open your curtains. You’ll wake up to the sun shining, without even needing to leave your bed (well, in summer, anyway). If your windows don’t let a whole lot of light in, try getting a bedside lamp that you turn on as soon as your alarm goes off. Even if you hit snooze a couple of times, your body will start feeling a little more awake just by being exposed to light.

Stretch Out The Sleep

In a dream world, we’d all start the day with an energising Savasana – but you don’t need to spend a whole hour of your morning in leggings to reap the benefits of yoga. Try a few invigorating poses to get your blood flowing and give you a chance to focus your thoughts, even if they are just ‘Oh my God, I’m so tired’.

Our favourite is a forward fold: stand with your feet together, fold your body downwards and chill here for 15 deep breaths. The pulling in your hamstrings is good – go with it.

Pour A Cup And Drink Up

Before you get excited, we’re talking water, not coffee – soz. While sleeping, you lose a lot of water through sweating, breathing and drooling (yum), meaning you’re bound to wake up dehydrated. Get into the habit of immediately drinking a glass (or more) of water in the morning. If you can handle it, ice-cold water will boost your energy levels even more as it sends a little shock to your system.

Eat Up

Your mom wasn’t joking about the importance of eating breakfast. Avoid sugary meals like processed cereals – the spike they give you will end in an exhausting crash in energy levels halfway through your morning. Go for a combination of protein, carbs and good fats to give you a healthy start that gives you a long-lasting and stable energy supply. Think oats or eggs, bacon and/or rye bread.

Icy Shower Challenge (Not For The Faint-Hearted!)

We’re not going to try and convince you to take a freezing-cold shower every morning (thank God) – but ending it with an icy bang jolts your system into action and will leave you feeling on high alert. Switch the tap to cold for the last few seconds, try not to scream, and get ready to seize the day. #Winning

Get Moving

A bit of physical activity in the morning can be as effective as a shot of espresso. Start small, like doing 20 jumping jacks in your room or learning the dance routine for Single Ladies and performing while you brush your teeth – as long as you’re doing something to get your heart rate up. One of the many, many benefits of a morning workout includes more oxygen flowing to your brain, making you feel more awake.

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