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How To Tell If Your Skin *Hates* Your Moisturiser

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Everyone’s skin is unique and has different needs. Fortunately, there are plenty of moisturisers on the market to choose from. But, despite being spoilt for choice, finding a cream that’s right for you can be challenging. Since we, at COSMO, love to make your life easier, here are some warning signs that might indicate that your current moisturiser isn’t your perfect match. Read on!


One of the most common side effects of using an incompatible cream is that your skin will start to break out. Keratin can build up in the pores of skin, which will become inflamed and form a pimple – even if you’re not aware that your skin is uncomfortable. While this isn’t classified as acne per se, it is definitely something that can be caused by a moisturiser that isn’t a good fit for your skin.

Blocked Pores

When skin cells don’t shed, they become trapped and can form little white hard spots known as milia. Unlike pimples, these can’t be squeezed away, but will disappear on their own over time or can be removed by a dermatologist. If you start developing milia, step away from the cream and switch to something else.

A Burning Sensation

This should go without saying, but if you experience burning or stinging after applying a moisturiser, your skin is saying, ‘No’! If you experience even mild discomfort, wash the product off immediately. It’s usually an issue to do with pH and it can throw your skin off balance. It could also be a reaction to perfumes in the cream, so switching to something more mild is advised.

A Weird Smell

We might not be aware of it, but our noses help us to discern bad from good – like that food that’s been in the fridge for a few days that may or may not be edible. The same applies when it comes to products – if the scent offends you, chances are your skin won’t like it, either. Because the nose knows.

A Change Of Colour

If your skin becomes patchy or starts changing colour after using a moisturiser, don’t give it another chance. Instead, chuck it swiftly into the nearest bin. Blotching, yellowing or any redness is definitely not normal, and are signs that your skin is not happy. Your perfect cream is out there, so don’t settle for anything less.

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