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Fashion Callout: Michelle Jinasena

Latest looks, bang-on buys and ways to add cool to your closet by the trendiest fashionistas in town.

Pamod Nilru

Michelle Jinasena (AKA blogger extraordinaire, BubblyMichelle) reveals the secrets to her style.

My travel essentials are my trusty mini iron, a pair of neutral heels and a fully loaded skincare kit!


Every woman should own a well-cut shirt in a neutral colour (white, navy, black etc.)— it’s unfussed, easy to wear and can be dressed up with a sprinkling of simple accessories.


A closet staple you’d have to pry out of my cold, dead hands? Jeans. I, literally, live in them.


On days I don’t feel like dolling up, I wash my hair. There’s no better mood lifter than freshly blown out, clean hair!


A fashion trend that needs to end this year: Everyone’s obsession over fur-lined loafers. Just…WHY????


My fashion icon is the renowned style blogger, Aimee Song. I love how she carries off designer wear in a very laid back, unpretentious way. #girlcrush


This article was originally published as ‘Fashion Callout’ in the May 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more fashion and style advice, grab a copy of our latest magazine.

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