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20 Men Tell Us…The Most Embarrassing Thing They’ve Done On A Date

Thought you had some serious horrors up your sleeve? They will pale in comparison to these cringe-worthy stories!

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1. “I accidently stabbed the waiter with a shrimp skewer.” —Viren, 22

2. “I was a month out of a four-year relationship and a cute co-worker asked me out on a date. Unfortunately, I got too drunk and kept talking about my ex. She gave me a second chance a month later, and I did it again.” —Manoj, 25

3. “I wanted to surprise her with a home-cooked dinner but I made a mess in the process. Her dog ate all the scraps off the floor and went on to have diarrhea for the rest of the night. She wasn’t pleased.” —Mahesh, 26

4. “I had eaten a really spicy kottu a few hours before the date. We went to a fancy restaurant and I had to go to the bathroom three times during the two hours we were there. The waiters were staring and she looked embarrassed. After dinner, she insisted I go home and rest. No second date there.” —Dinesh, 24

5. “Within the first ten minutes of sitting down, I had spilled and shattered a very tall beer glass all over myself. After returning from the bathroom, I jostled the table and spilled more beer on her food. I knew she was a winner when she didn’t break conversation or eye contact.” —Chinthaka, 28

6. “I made the mistake of assuming we were actually on a date. She certainly didn’t think so and chose to laugh in my face after the movie ended.” —Damian, 24

7. “I once shook my date’s hand when we were saying goodbye. That was profoundly awkward.” —Binura, 23

8. “I am a strict vegan and make it clear to any potential suitors before we ever go out. That didn’t stop her from dragging me to a BBQ on our first (and last) date. I ate garlic bread and salad while she feasted on enough meat to feed a small town.” —Dinith, 26

9. “I had to tell her she couldn’t get dessert because I didn’t have enough money! I was 17 with no job, and that was all the money I had to my name…” —Mahen, 27

10. “I spilled red wine on my brand-new Polo shirt. I had nothing to change into, so we went back to my house and she met my parents while I changed. Ended up being okay, though. We stuck around, took shots and whipped their butts at scrabble.” —Tehan, 24

11. “I laughed so hard a snot bubble came out of my nose.” —Faizal, 22

12. “I met her father. I meant to say ‘pleasure to meet you’. I ended up saying ‘I am pleasure’. Ugh.” —Janaka, 20

13. “We were chatting over dinner, and I thought I was doing fine…Until this guy who was sitting at the next table beckoned me over and said, “I can’t help but notice you are talking a lot. You should let her speak more!” —Jason, 24

14. “I texted the girl I was with to ask her if she wanted to kiss me. I was young and scared, okay!” —Pasindu, 24

15. “Not sure how it came up, but my date was talking about her hips when I told her they were great for birthing. I did it in a joking/teasing way but it was still a bit cringe-worthy.” —Salesh, 27

16. “I threw my phone across the bar to demonstrate how indestructible it was. I don’t know why I did that.” —Ashan, 19

17. “I forgot that she was a vegetarian and had her try fried rice that contained small pieces of bacon.” —Kavindu, 21

18. “I once had to inform my date that she had gotten her period.” —Mohan, 22

19. “I elbowed her in the face while we were cuddling and gave her a black eye.” —Tariq, 23

20. “I once forgot to take my wallet when I asked my date out to a really posh dinner on her birthday. She had to pick up the expensive tab.” —Shehan, 24


This article was originally published as ’20 Men Tell Us The Most Embarrassing Thing They’ve Done On A Date’ in the December 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more real life situations, grab a copy of our latest magazine.

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