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Dying To Try Those Peel-Off Charcoal Face Masks? Read This First.

Be prepared!


If you haven’t heard about peel-off charcoal face masks, WHERE have you BEEN? These masks, which look more like black glue than something that is meant to be applied to your skin, have been all over social media for months now, with videos showing people trying to remove them, to others who thought it would be good for the LOLs to put it all over their body. The reason why these masks have become so popular is that they are said to unclog your pores by pulling out blackheads – and since everybody wants clear skin, everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

These masks haven’t arrived in stores yet, but their arrival is probably just around the corner, which means that beauty and skincare junkies will be grabbing them off the shelves to see if the rumours are true. Before this happens, we thought we’d give you a heads up so that you know what to expect when you try the world’s most famous face mask. You’re welcome!

1. Use a brush to apply the mask rather than your fingers. Not only will this stop bacteria getting into your product but it also helps to get even coverage. After use, quickly wash your brush so that the product doesn’t dry and harden in the bristles.

2. The liquid of these masks often starts drying quite quickly, so to get it dry at more or less the same time to make for easy peeling, apply the mask quickly but carefully, avoiding the eye area (including your brows, unless you had intended to remove them) and your mouth.

3. While most regular face masks need to sit for about 15 minutes, the charcoal peel-off variety requires that you set aside about 25 to 30 minutes. This will ensure that it is dry all over so that it peels off in (hopefully) one big, satisfying piece.

4. Ready to peel it off? Prepare yourself for some pain! These things are not fun to remove, and it should be treated the same way as you would go about ripping off a plaster – but carefully, especially around the eyes.

5. They say that women look good in red, but when it’s your face, not so much! After removing the mask, your skin will probably be red for a few minutes. Apply a cooling lotion or serum afterwards to help soothe your skin as best you can.

Proceed with caution, ladies!

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