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Shaving Might Be Ruining Your Skin!

Don’t worry, all is not lost.

Courtesy of Veet

Running a razor over your unwanted hairs is probably the worst thing to put your skin through, be it legs, arms, armpits, or your nether regions. Aside from the fact that it’s such a tedious task that’s women have taken on, it’s completely unhealthy for your skin.

Here’s why:

1. Razor Cuts

All you gals who shave on the reg know, without a doubt, what the deal is about painful nicks on your skin. You run your razor up your legs, wash it off and seconds later your legs start bleeding in random spots. Over time, these cuts ruin your skin by causing it to dry out really fast. In due course, it will begin to lack its usual lustre. And, after all, we don’t want to be left with razor cuts marring our beautiful skin. 

2. Ingrowths

Shaving is the leading factor of these pesky bumps. Essentially, your hair starts growing sideways into the skin or the hair curls back into the skin instead of growing out. Us brown gals are even more susceptible to this because our genes give us much thicker and coarser hair. These ingrowths, then, give way to inflammations like folliculitis. Such infections on the hair follicle results in a post-inflammatory pigmentation which lasts for month and years. Yup, you read it right, you’ll have dark spots all over the areas you shave for a long time. So bye-bye bikini season!

3. Prickly Dry Skin

If you used a razor in the morning, by evening your skin probably looks like a parched desert.  And, the tiny hair stubble makes you feel like you’ve been growing cactuses on your legs. No matter how close your shave, it’s always going to grow back within hours, trust us! What’s more, you’ll have to keep applying moisturiser throughout the day to make sure your legs look (and feel) okay. And, here’s the best part, shaving almost always makes your hair grow out thicker and longer. So what’s the point of removing it if there’s going to be more of it, right? Right.

A Different Type Of Hair Removal

So, how do you really stay fuzz-free, and avoid all the consequences of shaving? Veet Hair Removal Cream is your answer! Yes, that’s right, hair removal has never been this easy. Apply the cream, let it sit for 5 minutes, and scrape off for the smoothest skin you’ve ever felt in your life.

Ladies, Veet’s has us all covered. From options for different skin types (normal, dry and sensitive) to different uses, like underarms, arms, legs and bikini line, there’s a fit for every woman’s need.  Since Veet dissolves hair closest from the root, you’ll never have to worry about prickly, scratchy skin. With its new Silk and Fresh Technology, you’ll have silky-smooth skin and remain moisturised up to 24 hours! So much win! With all these factors working in tandem with each other, you know your skin’s getting the best out of all hair removal methods.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the razor and give Veet a try!

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