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Planning A Big Night Out? Our Glam Prep Must-Do Is All You Need.

No room for beauty mishaps.

Courtesy of Veet

Image this: You’ve had the toughest of weeks with long hours at the office, and assignments to be handed in for your master’s program. You just haven’t had a chance to even look at yourself in a mirror, let alone have some down time. So what do you do when Friday finally rolls up and you can call the week done and dusted? You call up your girl squad up for an impromptu night out (there’s nothing your squad and some real time on the dance floor can’t solve!).

You’ve already got the tunes you’ll be grinding to playing in your head, but you still have a whole lot of things to do before you can work the dance floor: Getting a mani, working an impromptu ab session in, and braving the traffic to rush home to get your glam on.

Unfortunately, time is not on your side and you’ve barely figured out what you’re going to wear before your BFFs rock up, ready to go. As you shimmy into your bodycon dress, you realize in a crazy panic that your underarm hair is out of control.  With little to no time to spare, stop. Take a deep breath, because we have you covered. Veet Hair Removal Cream is the fastest, hassle-free way to keep your fuzzy areas in check.

With Veet on your side, you’ll be able to happily wave your hands up like you don’t care, all night long. Yes, we know, we usually go in for that emergency dry shave which is fast, easy, but not so skin-friendly. Cuts, skin irritations and general dryness are some of the issues that plague us, gals, thanks to this unhealthy habit. Veet is a far better method of removing hair.

From your underarms to the bikini line, Veet’s handy mini pack will fit any and all your requirements. It’s small 15g pack fits nicely into your purse (for later in case you missed any spots in your rush!), and the new Silk and Fresh Technology gives you silky, smooth skin that leaves you moisturized up to 24 hours. Since Veet dives in and removes hair as close to the root as possible, it’s heaps better than the good ol’ shave that only scrapes the surface. You won’t even have to worry about hair removal for a week. Even if you only have 5 minutes left till your ride pulls up, Veet’s got your back, anytime and anywhere!

Now, go get your shimmy on!

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