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Have A Perfectly Wonderful Wedding Day Minus The Emergencies!

Breathe easy. Veet has you covered!

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Picture this: It’s your big day and you’re finally getting married to the love of your life. You’re going to be wearing the most beautiful strapless gown, ever, and you’re hoping that everything will run like clockwork. With all the pre-ceremonial prep and mayhem is behind you, all you have to do is just relax and enjoy your day. Besides, your attention is required elsewhere: You have hair, make-up and a ton of photos to get through before you even get to the walking-down-the-aisle part. Weddings are celebratory occasions where everyone is rejoicing and the air is distinctly electric. However, for the bride, it can easily be a very stressful day. As you step into the bathroom to begin a quick pampering ritual you promised yourself, you notice something waaay off—in the mad rush you completely forgot to get rid of your underarm hair. Don’t panic! Really. We have a solution that will out of this sticky situation: Veet Hair Removal Cream.

Despite all the planning, there’s always something that can go wrong, like something seemingly miniscule as underarm hair.  Avoid last minute panic, with Veet. It’s an absolute essential for any unpredictable hairy situations. You may not be able to foresee everything that could possibly go wrong, but you’ll be able to cover at least one potential mishap.

As tempting as it may be, avoid stashing a razor in your bag. They’re just terrible for your skin. With the cuts that are bound to happen during the wedding day rush, plus the irritations, darkened and dried out skin, it really isn’t worth the hassle on this all-important day. Trust us! Sidestep any hair-raising emergencies by stashing Veet’s new mini pack in your bag. It comes in a handy 15g on-the-go pack and is the perfect fix for your bikini line and underarms. All it takes is less than 5 minutes for beautiful, silky-soft, smooth skin. You apply the product with the spatula provided, wait a few minutes and scrap off. Voilà! Say, hello to fuzz-free skin! The best part? You won’t have to worry about aggravated, flaky skin, as Veet keeps you moisturized up to 24 hours!

So what are you waiting for? Throw in a pack of Veet, banish all worries and enjoy your day like the princess you are!

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