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Here’s How You Can Feel Confident And Sexy In Minutes

Channel your inner diva!

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Got your eye on this cute guy at the bar, but felt too awkward, with your hairy arms and legs, to even make the first move? We hear you. We all face issues with self-confidence at one point or another, and, even more so when it comes to unwanted hair. From the time adolescence hits, and well into our adult years, there’s no escape from body hair. Hardly any area of skin is spared — your bikini area, arms, legs, underarms and everything in between all begin sprouting hair sooner or later.

Some women don’t mind looking au naturel, but for the most part, we’d much rather remove it. And who can blame you, really? Self-esteem is serious business. And, if removing all your hair (save for your eyebrows, lashes and head) makes you feel confident, sexy and powerful, then we say, take it off!

There are plenty of options available for hair removal, but the quickest, most effective method is Veet Hair Removal Cream. With options for normal, dry and sensitive skin types, and a total of 5 minutes for the product to work, we’re convinced this is your best choice, yet. All products are dermatologically tested and safe to apply on your skin. What’s more, Veet’s new Silk and Fresh Technology gives you silky-smooth skin and leaves you moisturised up to 24 hours. Forget the razor, and the cuts, ingrown hair, irritations, and dried out skin that comes with it. Instead, give Veet a shot and you won’t have to worry about removing hair for at least a week!

All you have to do is apply the product with the spatula provided, wait the recommended 5 minutes, and then scrape off! You’re done! Constantly on the go? No problem. Veet’s recently introduced Silk and Smooth variant come in a 15g handy mini pack that’s perfect for keeping your bikini line and underarm hair in check.

So, ditch the pants and long-sleeved blouses, and flaunt your fabulous hair-free skin the next time you hit the town with your friends. We’re certain you’ll grab the eye of every cute guy around. After all, confidence is a woman’s sexiest attribute! And, thanks to Veet, you can now own it! So, what are you waiting for? Go talk to that hottie you’ve been eyeing!

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