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Got No Time To Rid Yourself Of Your Body Hair? Here’s A Solution!

It’s all about multi-tasking.

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Our days can be quite hectic with the busy lifestyles we lead. Running to and from work, cooking up meals, heading to the gym, squeezing in a hair appointment; we are constantly on the go and rushing to different places. So it’s no surprise that we often forget to take care of our appearance the way we should. After all, we tend to think that the time spent on looking our best can be used to get to work early or to prepare for a morning meeting. However, it’s important that you look always look good, even if it means scheduling a little extra time. There are easy methods to groom yourself by multi-tasking between things that need to get done.

Got a last-minute party to attend or a business trip on short notice? Now those are occasions where you need to look your best, and that means no scruff over your lips or on your arms. Here are some easy ways to get your glam on in no time!

Get Your Hair Off

Who doesn’t love smooth skin? But most of us aren’t blessed with hairless bodies. Body hairs can often cause rashes, itchiness and various other irritations, especially when it gets really hot and you sweat (don’t we just love Sri Lanka’s temperatures?!). Your next best option is to get rid of them hairs. Don’t panic! Ditch the razor and try out something safer instead. All you’ll need is a good hair removal cream like Veet, a spatula and you’re good to go. Razors cause cuts, darkens and dries out your skin. So do yourself a favour and stick with Veet!

Slide And Glide

Simply apply Veet Hair Removal Cream with the spatula onto the area you want to remove hairs. A great way to multi-task is to do your make-up while you wait for 5 minutes for the cream to work its magic. Dab on a little foundation, concealer and then glide an eyeliner pencil over your lids and add some red lippie. Finish up with some blush and by the time you’re done, it’ll be time to scrape off the hair removal cream. Look at you, multi-tasking like a pro!

Feel Like A Goddess

Use the spatula, again, to remove the cream. Be rewarded by silky smoothness with no hassle at all. Unlike using a razor, Veet gives you the desired results without any trace of ingrowths or bumps (which we’ve gotten waaaay too many times after shaving). Veet caters to three different skin types – Normal, Sensitive and Dry – so you can pick the right formula that works with your body. Veet also comes in a handy mini pack that fits in your handbag, and can be used anytime and anywhere. All you need is 5 minutes! So, it’s worth investing in one of these for your next trip.

Say hello to your inner Venus!

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