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Different Types Of Swimwear To Take On Your Next Beach Holiday

A comprehensive guide that will help you decide which swimsuit best matches your taste and how you can achieve smooth, beach-ready skin.

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As you probably know by now, one bathing suit does not fit all. Not only do you want a bikini or one-piece that accentuates your shape, it’s important to find a suit that actually stays put despite crashing waves or swimming laps. Below, we’ve resolved to put an end to the fear and frustration that come with swimsuit shopping.


With the continuous revolution of the one-piece swimsuit, fashion swimwear doesn’t have to come in the form of an itsy-bitsy bikini. Flattering for all body types, these often includes built-in bust support.


A bandeau top has no shoulder straps (or very thin ones coming up around the back of the neck) and is a large strip of fabric covering the bust. They either tie or clasp in the back and are recommended for smaller chested women. It’s generally accompanied by a basic bikini bottom.


Falling within decent limits, this is one of the more recent forms of the bikini. The tankini is a type of swimwear that is a more modest version of the bikini. It combines a tank top with the more traditional bikini bottoms.


Providing a good amount of coverage, this has a bikini top and a skater skirt as the bottom.


A two piece or a basic bikini top consists of triangular shapes that cover the breasts, adjoining strings going around the neck and back.

Look your best in any swimsuit

Bikini season doesn’t just have us cramming in extra workouts for that beach bod. It also brings up extra worries about achieving smooth legs, arms, bikini area etc for spontaneous trips to the beach. And, one of the most nerve-racking things about hitting the beach or pool scene is worrying about pesky stray hairs turning up here, there and, well, everywhere. And while you might think a razor might do the trick, know that shaving will cause a whole host of issues, like cuts, irritations and darkened and dried out skin. But thanks to Veet you can always look your best!

Veet Hair Removal Cream (opt for the aloe and vitamin E one, as it’s ideal for sensitive areas) contains a special formula that dissolves the hair closest to the root of the skin, allowing it to break away easily. It’s super easy to apply and rinse off. Just squeeze the cream onto the back of the included spatula. Use the spatula to spread a thin layer of the cream on the soon-to-be-bare areas and leave it for (approximately) five minutes.

Test a small area of skin by scraping the cream off your skin with the front of the spatula. If the hair from the area comes away easily, continue to remove the rest from your skin. Finish by rinsing the area with water. Now enjoy hair-free skin for up to one week, with no stubble and zero cuts! Yes! Oh, and the best part? Veet Hair Removal Cream is typically painless, and it contains added moisturisers so that your skin is left looking and feeling beautiful after each use.

So the next time your guy wants to go for a spontaneous swim, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how quickly you can throw on your bikini.

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